Are you the grandfather of a child with autism?

Are you the grandfather of a child with autism?

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When one of the grandchildren is diagnosed with autism, it is very possible that in a first phase, you do not know how to be useful. The support the child with autism needs may be different from the support you give to other grandchildren.

How can you support your family?

  • Take the baby for a few hours or overnight, so parents can take a break.
  • Find out about autism (seminars, books, etc.) and keep in touch with your family to keep up to date with your child's progress.
  • Get involved in the child's therapy and development. Accompany him to therapy sessions, attend meetings and learn interaction techniques with the child.
  • Communicates permanently with the child's parents, sharing their own emotions. Relationship with a child with autism can be exhausting or difficult. It is natural to have times when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed with powers.
  • Respect the decisions parents make regarding the child.
  • Bring hope to the family! At the moment there are promising researches that open up many possibilities for the future.

The material is part of "Autism - a mini-guide for the family" booklet, realized through the project "And they must have a chance!" - Support program for the social and professional integration of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Through this project, 40 counseling centers and free assistance for people with autism were opened in the country. Visit for the addresses of the centers and more details about the project.

The program is carried out by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Older Persons - The Directorate of Child Protection and the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies in Romania, was started on October 1, 2010 with a duration of 3 years and benefits co-financing from the European Social Fund, through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, "Invest in people!".

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