How we treat the productive cough of the child

How we treat the productive cough of the child

Children cough when the trachea mucosa becomes irritated, being a reflex of the body after which the mucus is removed in failure, allowing the child to breathe. Cough is normally a symptom of a respiratory infection (measles, colds, flu), but can also be caused by other respiratory diseases (such as asthma).

The cough can be accentuated during sleep, because, in the child's lying position, the mucus can be collected in the back of the neck. Coughing children also have other symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, difficulty breathing, headache. To all this is added the state of anxiety and agitation, especially since the little ones can not sleep well, often at night.

Types of cough

In children, as in adults, there are several types of cough. The most popular of these are productive cough and dry cough. A dry cough appears in case of cold and flu and gets worse when the baby goes to bed. It may also indicate bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and exposure to cigarette smoke or other irritants.

The productive cough also appears as a result of respiratory infections, but also in the case of asthma. The cough of the little ones should not be left untreated, and parents should take them to the doctor from the first signs to begin treatment.

Recommended cough treatments

In the case of this symptom, it is important that the little ones are well hydrated. You can drink water at room temperature, but also warm teas, because they play a role in soothing the mucous membrane. And the soup is very useful in treating the symptoms associated with cough. A humidifier mounted in the child's room can help in coughing, reducing coughing episodes, as well as easing breathing.

Physical activity should be as low as possible in children who have coughing, as it may worsen the symptoms.

Parents should know that antibiotic use in the case of cough caused by respiratory infections is only done if the doctor recommends it. Respiratory infections caused by bacteria are those where the doctor can use antibiotics.

Prescription drugs may be decongestants, mucolytics, and pain medications.

Food supplements are also helpful in improving the symptoms produced by the little ones. The Immunotus range contains ingredients such as shock, thyme, vitamin C, basil, cucumber-cucumber which have antibacterial, bronchodilating and expectorant action. Another ingredient found in cough supplements is acetyl-cysteine. This substance transports nutrients to lymphocytes and phagocytes, important cells of the immune system. Deficiency of cysteine ​​in the body can interfere with the proper functioning of the immune system, making the little ones more vulnerable to disease.

The Immunotus range, created by Fiterman, contains capsules, sachets and syrups specially designed to help treat productive, as well as irritating, cough. They are administered according to the prospectus.

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