9 less scary craft for Halloween

9 less scary craft for Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday and adored by children, but sprinkled with all kinds of scary costumes and decorations, which can accentuate the anxiety of the little ones. If you have a cooler baby in the threads, it is advisable to turn the festive costumes of this holiday into more "friendly" and to create, together with him, a little less frightening craft, so that the little one will feel comfortable among the decorations in fireplace.

Cardboard wound wound

It is not mandatory that the appearance of decorative bats be sinister. You can make your child, or with him, a nice bat-shaped craft. To make it, you need, first of all, the cardboard from the toilet paper, which you paint in black and to which you draw a smiling face. Then you need a paper bag from which you cut out the jagged wings, paint them in strips and glue them to the back of the cardboard. To give the bat a cooler look, fill a piece of cellophane with candy, tie it with a ribbon and place a "mot" on the top of the cardboard from the toilet paper, as a hat or capillary ornament for the bat.

Garland with cardboard figurines

The garland is a decorative element suitable for any holiday, but especially for Halloween, when you have the opportunity to hang on it a lot of crafts in the form of cute figurines. The simplest garland for decorating the house is made of twine, on which several colored cardboard hangs. Cut out cards in the specific colors of this holiday, black and orange, in the form of pumpkins, cats and ghosts. Accessorize them with eyes, mouth and nose, so that they take the form of funny or smiling faces, and attach or hang them on the string, from one end to the other.

Haunted house with surprise doors

It is not compulsory for a ghost, a monster or a sinister bat to hide behind the door of each haunted house, which can scare the child. They make a craft, in the form of a haunted house of good fairies and beautiful faces, so that it is to the taste of the little one. You need colored cardboard, watercolors, scissors, glues and floats to cut all the components of the house and assemble them. Make sure you leave the windows "open" to attach miniature pictures of the child behind them, but also with you, grandparents and other close relatives and dear ones.

Candy pumpkin pumpkin

Pumpkin is a symbol of this holiday and is not missing from anyone's houses during this period. Make a hanging pumpkin, using tubes of candy, cardboard and glue. Cut the head in the shape of a pumpkin, glue on the eyes, mouth and nose of the paper, then, glue in two pieces of candy, like hands, and two more, longer, down, on the feet. Grab the pumpkin at the top, attach a ribbon and hang it on a wall of the child's bedroom. You can make several copies of "hanging pumpkins", using other colored candies, to decorate more rooms of your home.

Bentita and mustache cat

There is no need for Halloween to dress your little boy or girl in a creepy spider or sinister wolf. You can also opt for cute and soothing outfits and costumes, especially if you have a slightly scarier child. The black dress, belted in the form of cat ears and some mustaches made of woven cloths in a black robe can turn your baby into a cute feline, with slightly flamboyant but not frightening accents.

Smiling lanterns

The lanterns are another important decorative element in the Halloween night, being the only light source in the house. Although the more you make them sinister, the more you get into the specifics of the holiday, it is advisable to avoid the scary element. If you have a small child, who is so afraid of darkness, the scary faces of the lanterns will accentuate his anxiety. He makes the lanterns from larger jars. Wrap them in cracked paper. Then, from black iced paper, cut the eyes, mouth and nose, in various models, and glue them to the jars. Put a lit candle in each jar and let the smiling girls to provide a warm and pleasant light in the room.

Nice ghost

Although their job is to scare you rather than to entertain you, ghosts can become the most friendly Halloween symbols, if you take care to give them such a comforting look when you make them. Take a slightly longer jar or cardboard box, wrapping it tightly in white toilet paper, but be careful to leave room for your eyes. Stick the doll's eyes and position them so that the ghost's eyes are frightened, not angry.

Themed, personalized bag

Another craft, but also an accessory to wear during Halloween carol, is the bag or bag printed with all kinds of interesting designs, in the specific of the holiday. If you want a more "good" model for the child, try to draw, with nontoxic paint, 2-3 nice spiders on the front of the bag and draw a funny canvas, for more effect. Make sure you write the child's name with it, in different colors, to give it a personal accent, which the child will surely be attracted to.

Pirate jar filled with sweets

The jar filled with sweets should be found in all the houses, during Halloween, being a specific symbol of this holiday. But to give it a decorative touch, try to create a pirate hat for him, from old clothes. Place it over the lid and tie it with string or textile material. Then cut a rectangular cardboard, color it, draw a nice skeleton on it and stick it on the jar.

What other cool Halloween craft ideas do you have for us? Give us your suggestions and possibly your pictures, in the comments section below!

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