Shopping, planning and cooking tricks to spend less

Shopping, planning and cooking tricks to spend less

Do you think that as your family budget goes "up and running", as expenses grow steadily? It is time to take quick measures not only for the recovery of the budget, but also to make some savings for the small pleasures of your family. Here are some shopping, planning and cooking tricks that will get the budget out of the crisis!

Shopping tricks to reduce expenses

Go shopping alone!

Family shopping, along with the child, is a good opportunity for the little one to learn the value of money and what they use, but also to become responsible in the choices they make. But if you want to save more money, it is advisable to do some shopping sessions and yourself.

When you go to a group, you always end up buying more things than you proposed and spending more money. When you go alone, you limit yourself to what you intend to buy and you do not risk spending too much money.

Another useful tip is to always go for "full belly" food shopping. If you go hungry, you always take more food than you need.

Follow the stores with discounts!

Whether you go shopping for food, clothes or other household products, always look for the stores that boast the biggest discounts for the things that interest you.

Buy Wholesale Products!

Avoid buying products individually. Follow the promotions that are sold in bulk or in package. Neither the 1 + 1 offers for free or 2 + 1 are to be neglected. It helps you to provide you with supplies and products necessary for the home or child and family care, at very good prices.

Buy directly from the manufacturer!

Whenever you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to go and buy the necessary items directly from the manufacturer. The best "business" in this regard you do with furniture and children's accessories, but also with clothes.

Buy vouchers or coupons with discounts!

Discount vouchers have become a trend among more and more buyers. They offer you the opportunity to buy various things and objects, but also medical or care services, with discounts of up to 90%.

Planning tricks to reduce expenses

Make shopping lists and take with you a limited amount of money!

Never go shopping without a list, because you will end up buying more things than you think. When you write on paper what to buy and always have the list in front, the temptation to buy anything else disappears!

Also, appreciate how much the items on your list would cost and go shopping for an approximate amount of money. This way, and if you want to buy something else, you will not be able to, because you are limited by the budget.

Follow the fairs and seasonal discounts!

Fairs of products, food or clothes are great opportunities to buy a lot of things at very low prices. Seasonal discounts are also opportunities that you must consider to buy things and items needed for your home and your child.

Find free or cheap fun activities for kids!

No matter how limited the budget is, your child needs to relax and explore a lot of things and activities that will help him to develop harmoniously. It is important to go to the theater, concerts, visit museums and exhibitions or participate in art or creative workshops. Most of them are quite expensive and, no matter how much you want to take them to them, you never have the finances to invest in everything.

Keep an eye on four of some of the most important museums, theaters and other special events for children and watch when they have free discounts or tickets for the little ones. And the art or creative workshops in your city often compete in special offers, discounts or facilities that will make you take less money out of pocket for your child's education and development.

Have fun with your family!

Another way to spend relaxing moments with your child is to create as many free opportunities for play and fun, both at home and abroad. Go to the parks, play ball, reels, bike, do karaoke at home or organize homecoming evenings.

Make crafts and decorations together, cook with your family and face off at board games or books. There are plenty of free ways to entertain and educate your child.

Make homemade toys, clothes and other items needed for the family and the child!

If you want to save more of the money you keep throwing left and right on shopping, then put your creativity to work and start doing all sorts of things with your own hands.

From crocheting the baby's scarves and gloves, to creating sweaters or dresses, reinventing old clothes and creating unique, personalized toys, all are effective ways to reduce household expenses.

Cooking tips to reduce expenses!

Cook in small quantities!

Do not overdo it with quantities when cooking for your family. You are frequently tempted to make a lot of food at once, to reach for several days. But every time you notice that much of it reaches the basket. Even if it involves extra effort to cook something else daily, it is much more efficient and economical. In addition, you do not always have to cook complicated and messy things: focus on culinary recipes / salads "> salads, sandwiches, pasta and other quick and healthy recipes.

Don't throw away the debris!

You always tend to throw leftovers from a meal, even if they are fresh and very tasty. Also, you are always tempted to throw fruit or vegetables from the fridge that are slightly more beaten or slightly damaged. All you have to do is throw the money in the trash.

If a tomato is a little stained, it does not mean that it is broken. In addition, with a little imagination, many of the leftovers in the fridge or in the room can turn into delicious new recipes.


If you still have clean potatoes, grated carrots or too many beans for a single cook, do not leave them in the fridge to spoil and do not throw them away. Put them in bags, freeze them and use them when you need them.

How do you manage to reduce family expenses? Share your tricks in the comment section below!

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