How to use the elements of autumn in your home

How to use the elements of autumn in your home

Don't have the time or money to change the interior of your house depending on the season? Do not think of a change of proportions. You can use small effect tricks, within the reach of anyone. Use elements of nature that can radically change the atmosphere of your home and do not forget: small changes are always effective!

If you like to decorate using unconventional materials, here are some interesting and easy to implement ideas:

Table arrangement

Purchase two - three circular or square vases, colorless glass and buy some large candles, in neutral colors.
Collect from the park hazel or flexible twigs of ash, oak and maple leaves, acorns, hazelnuts, nuts. In the vase, place the nuts at the base, circular, around the candle, then complete with the other elements, as desired.
To avoid accidents, make sure you do not reach the candle you will light with leaves or hazelnuts.
You have thus created an effect arrangement that you can place in the center of the table or anywhere in the house.

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