How to make your own hair spray

How to make your own hair spray

If you are tired of giving money on styling or hair care products, which only deteriorate and predispose you to fall, find out that you can try cheap and healthy alternatives in your own home. Give up the money on fixative or foam and prepare natural hair sprays, from simple ingredients and available to everyone!

Spray with lemon and vodka

Prepare a hair spray of 2-4 sliced ​​lemons and 1 tablespoon of vodka. All you have to do is cover the lemons with water, in a pot, boil them for 30 minutes and then cool.

Pour the liquid obtained in a sprayer and add the vodka over it. Mix well and start styling your hair!

Water and sugar based spray

It is known that sugar is sticky and that in combination with water, you fix the hair strands in your daily hair. But to get a nice smell and to have the right texture, it is important to follow a simple recipe, with just a few ingredients at hand:

- 4 tablespoons of sugar;
- 250 ml of water;
- 1 tablespoon vodka;
- 4 drops of an essential oil, of your choice (choose a fragrance you like).

Boil the water, remove it from the heat and put the sugar in it. Stir until melted and cool. Add the vodka and the essential oil, then put the liquid in a sprayer and use it to fix the hairstyles.

Egg white hair foam

If you do not have the foam handy and you urgently need this styling product, take 2 eggs and separate the yellows from the whites. Beat the white foam. Then use the foam to make your favorite hairstyles. Besides the stylizing effect, egg foam also contributes to nourishing the hair.

Salt spray

If you want a spray that will fix well your pretentious hairstyles, which tend to leave easily, try to prepare a spray that offers their resistance, from:

- 150 ml hot water;
- 2 tablespoons of bitter salt;
- 1 teaspoon of normal salt;
- 3-4 drops of preferred essential oil (for smell);
- 1 teaspoon of parsley.

Boil the water and add in it all the ingredients. Mix them well and put the composition thus obtained in a sprayer.

Spray with peppermint oil

If you want to use the hair spray to moisturize, energize or nourish your hair and not to finish the hair, try a simple version, made from 3 drops of concentrated oil of mint and 1 cup of water. Mix the 2 ingredients well, place them in a vial and spray the spray on wet hair after washing.

Spray with rosemary

If your hair has a tendency to electrify whenever you try to comb it or want to do a hairstyle, quench this "rebirth" with a natural spray, based on rosemary.

Boil 5 tablespoons dried rosemary with 300 ml of water, until it boils, then let the mixture cool and put it in a spray bottle. Give him wet hair after washing twice a week and you will get rid of the problem of electrifying the rebellious strands.