8 ways Margaret Thatcher has made the world a better place for women

8 ways Margaret Thatcher has made the world a better place for women

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on April 8, 2013, at the age of 87, following a stroke. The "Iron Lady" has left the United Kingdom a legacy marked by notable successes, which have helped to change the mentality about the role of women in society. Here are some ways Margaret Thatcher has made the world a better place for women.

Margaret Thatcher was the first!

The integration of women in the active society was difficult and in their professional evolution they encountered many problems. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman in Europe to hold the position of Prime Minister and by this she showed women everywhere that they can also play important roles alongside men.

She pointed out that women do not have to be nice to be respected

There were people who loved her, but there were many people who despised her policy and implicitly her. However, even his staunchest opponents praised him for the strength to fight for what he wants, for refusing to consider failure an option and for the power of decision.

It exceeded its expectations

Margaret Thatcher has managed to secure the position of UK Prime Minister a few years after a television interview stated: "I don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime," CNN notes. So, through much work, "Iron Lady" has shown that it can.

It started from the bottom ...

She was born in 1925 into a modest family and managed after years of work to become the first woman prime minister of the United Kingdom. So, he outdid himself and longed for more. Finally, he succeeded.

He was a researcher-chemist

Everyone knows Margaret Thatcher because of her position as UK Prime Minister, but she studied Chemistry at Oxford, at a time when science was not an area for women to get involved and be taken seriously.

A brave woman

The IRA terrorist group bombed Thatcher's hotel in 1984, and five people were killed. The IRA promised that she would try again to kill Margaret Thatcher, but she did not let fear prevent her from continuing what she had set out to do. Thus, in 1987, Margaret Thatcher was re-elected for the third time. He is the only prime minister, in 160 years of British history, re-elected three times in a row.

Characterized by hardness

Women can be successful through various approaches to the situations in which they are put. Thatcer's approach was harsh, unforgiving, both in terms of political and personal issues. Due to this attitude, Margaret Thatcher was called "Iron Lady".

He has not neglected his family life

"Iron Lady" managed to perform in her professional life, without neglecting her family life. She was married to Denis Thatcher with whom she had two children. Therefore, she managed to strike a balance between professional and personal life, representing an example for many women around the world.

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