Babies still listen and learn from their tummy

Babies still listen and learn from their tummy

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Babies still listen and learn from their mothers tummy. Pregnant women should always pay attention to what words they say and what messages they send at each pregnancy, as they may upset and sadden the babies, if what they hear or feel in their voice is not to their liking. They must be positive and constantly communicate with them. Babies have a lot to learn from what they hear in their mothers voice, but especially the messages that are transmitted through words. Here's how the baby learns in the mother's tummy!

At what age does she hear and capture baby information in her mother's tummy?

The researchers discovered amazing things about the baby's development in the mother's womb and his ability to understand the things he hears from the outside. According to them, the baby can hear and distinguish between the mother's mother tongue and other foreign languages ​​only a few hours after birth.

Around the gestational age of 10 weeks, the fetus is able to absorb the language and capture important information. His brain does not expect to develop until after birth to receive the first information.

What does the baby learn in the mother's tummy?

It is important for future mothers to be aware that the development of the baby learning process starts from the womb. Constant communication with babies, during pregnancy, lays the foundation of language learning in their development.

Specialists recommend that pregnant women talk to babies in their wombs since they find out they are pregnant. The most important thing is to do it in a calm and relaxed way. Do not try to force the process of learning or cognitive development of the child, putting headphones with music or various educational texts on your tummy, so that the little one can hear them better.

It is quite large in the womb and the extra noise caused by the headphones will not do well. Your voice and the messages you send are enough for the fetus to listen to you and learn the essentials.

It is not necessary to exaggerate with his exposure to CDs or tapes in foreign languages ​​to try to teach him such information and concepts faster and easier.

The mother's voice is the first that the baby hears in the womb and the one that offers her safety, comfort and a well-being. He is still able to recognize and distinguish it from other noises due to the vibrations it produces in the body during speech. There are dominant and recurring sounds throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

The first forms of language in the baby appear from the tummy between him and the mother and are intermediate by the words that the pregnant woman speaks, but also by the tone of the voice. The face associates certain vibrations with joy, exaltation, and others with sadness, anger, etc. It reacts to the messages you send from the outside through gestures, which can be decoded by increasing the level of activity in the belly, by pushing with the hands and feet in the walls of the uterus or through inactivity, especially if you are sad or upset with something. what did you say recently.

Do you think the baby manages to absorb information and learn the language from the womb? Or do you think that it begins to learn only after birth? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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