Tricks for easy breastfeeding

Tricks for easy breastfeeding

Breastfeeding, like birth, should be a natural process. Unfortunately, due to too much information available, new mothers are sometimes more confused than our mothers were in the past. We come to your aid with some tricks that will turn this experience into an unforgettable one.

As a result of this process as natural as possible, the baby develops an increased immunity of the body, breast milk containing a series of antibodies that protect the child from numerous infections. The laptop is sterile, at the right temperature, available anytime, in the right quantity; it keeps you both thirsty and hungry, being easily digested by the baby's still undeveloped digestive system.

By breastfeeding, the mother is protected against breast and ovarian cancer, decreases the risk of postpartum depression and osteoporosis.

Find the best breastfeeding positions!

We cannot talk about a "wonderful" position or a recommended position. Each mom will find her favorite position, the most comfortable and pleasant for both her and the baby. You can choose between:

  • The position "Leagan" - is the most used position in the first weeks after birth, but not recommended for mothers who were born by caesarean section because the weight of the baby presses the abdomen.
  • "Culcat" position - it is very comfortable for mothers who have given birth by Caesarean section, because it is difficult to hold the baby in their arms and the pressure in the abdomen is low. It is also an excellent method when you want to rest.
  • The position "Football ball" - is very good for moms who have twins, were born by caesarean section or have big breasts.

Take care of your boobs

After each breastfeeding session, trying to let a drop of milk dry on your nipples is a real "medicine". Change your breast pads as often as possible, so that you always feel dry. There are reusable breast pads that can be easily washed in the car or manually.

While bathing, avoid soap, shampoo or other products from touching your nipples. Any washing of the breasts will be done only with warm water. If, however, you cannot refrain from using shower gels or soaps, use those specially designed for the baby. In case of need, you can use an ointment containing lanolin or, better, olive oil.

Before breastfeeding

Take a bath with warm breast water, it will help to relax the galactophore channels and the immediate exit of the milk. Drink at least one 250 ml glass of water just before breastfeeding. If you can, drink it while breastfeeding.

Nutrition and healthy eating habits

Forget the myth that the first three months of days you eat only cooked vegetables and meat so that the baby does not colic. In principle you can eat anything as long as you do not overdo it with any food.

You can also drink a cup of coffee if you feel the need. But let there be only one. Drink at least three liters of liquids a day: plain and mineral water, teas and natural juices. Avoid spices and foods with a very strong taste or smell (for example, fish, raw onions).

Use accessories that make breastfeeding easier

From the chair you sit on, the pillow for breastfeeding, to the music in the background, all contribute to facilitating breast feeding.

The breastfeeding bra, the nightgowns, the breast pump provided, the ointments to relieve irritation or pain, but also the chairs to support the legs are ideal to make breastfeeding a wonderful experience for both.

White nightgowns, with florets and 3-4 buttons that go down to the breasts have existed for decades. In motherhood, mothers helped to breastfeed with other people. Some automaticity has been formed to correlate these shirts with the unpleasant feeling of the hospital.

Mommy Breastfeed Shop urges you to change your mind by wearing brightly colored shirts, with funny prints that can be worn even as house dresses. Ready with the raised blouses that gather between you and the baby annoying you! Ready with the embarrassing image of walking naked around the house! The lateral buttons allow for rapid tearing of the breast and comfortable and easy feeding of the baby.

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