Sunglasses from the first day of life

Sunglasses from the first day of life

Not only adults or young people, but babies should also wear sunglasses to prevent aging of the eyes caused by ultraviolet rays. In order to have healthy eyes, ophthalmologists recommend hand hygiene and medical control at the first signs of vision loss, to correct any refractive defects. Sunglasses should be worn even by babies, but parents should always be careful not to hurt their little ones, the specialists recommend.

Good quality glasses with an ultraviolet absorption filter prevent premature aging of the eyes. The nutritional supplements specially created for the eyes, based on antioxidants, also prevent the premature degradation of the structure of the eyes.

But these should be taken only after the advice of the ophthalmologist. Generally, a balanced nutrition keeps the blood vessels in the body healthier, and implicitly those in the eyes.

(Oana Munteanu)

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July 17, 2007