Nose clogging in babies

Nose clogging in babies

When your baby is cold or has a stuffy nose, you can use a bubble syringe to remove some of the mucus. If the mucus has hardened or dried, you will first need to apply drops of salt to moisten it.

You can buy salt drops from the pharmacy or prepare them at home by dissolving a quarter teaspoon of salt in hot water. You should use salted salt every time your child gets sick. First of all boil the water to sterilize it if you take it from a well.

How do I use the rubber syringe for the baby's nose?

Start by holding your child in the lap with his head between his knees and feet on your belly; let his head slide slightly on his back.

If you need drops of salt, put one or two drops in each nostril with a pipette. Then try to keep his head still for 10 seconds.

The next step is cleaning the mucus with the rubber syringe. After cleaning a nostril, remove the syringe and throw the contents in a napkin. Then repeat the same process with the other nostril.

If your baby is congested and after 5-10 minutes, apply drops again and collect mucus. (Do not use salt drops more than 4 times a day because they can dry the nose and irritate the nostrils).

The process should be a gentle one. If your baby moves too much and you end up acting too aggressively, the nasal tissue can become inflamed which can aggravate congestion. If you feel like this is happening, try to repeat the process after more than 10 minutes, giving it time to calm down.

When your child is in a situation of not being able to breathe due to congestion, aspiration and removal of mucus will be able to ease it to some extent.

How to proceed:

- Tighten the rubber end of a nasal aspirator between your fingers and insert it into the nose of the child. Slowly open your fingers allowing suction of mucus.

- After each use, rinse the nasal aspirator with a solution of soapy water, then rinse it with clean water.

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