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How to relax in just 5 minutes

How to relax in just 5 minutes

You have to cook, the laundry basket is full, you have to wipe the dust, the child asks for your attention and is irascible, the husband tells you that you neglect it ... it is a scenario that you certainly live. You feel a continuous tension and you feel that you can no longer cope with the situation.

Fortunately, there are a few safe methods you can use to make yourself feel zen and calm again in just 5 minutes! It seems hard to believe, but in the five minutes you will feel another person, much calmer and more optimistic.

Try meditation

In the moments when you feel overwhelmed, leave everything aside and clear your thoughts. Five minutes of meditation, in which to think of something beautiful or simply to sit with your eyes closed, in the armchair or lying on the bed, will help to lengthen the black thoughts.

Turn your phone on silent and turn off the TV, around you must be quiet. You can imagine that you are on a vacation, somewhere in a place you really like. Let your mind fly and try to see only beautiful places.

Make a rebus

If you have a magazine for groceries or a magazine, get a pen and get on with it. You will focus your attention on integrin or rebus, which will relieve stress. Immediately after you finish it you will feel much better and you will be ready to resume your daily activities.

Count up to 10

Do you feel your nerves explode? Leave everything you did and count down to 10. It is an efficient method by which you will achieve a calm state, very quickly. If you have a pet, do not hesitate to eat it, because this gesture once and for all relieves anxiety.

Draw a slumber

There are some days when you feel so overwhelmed that all you want is to rest. Do not wait for bedtime, but go to the bedroom and put your head on the pillow to take a nap. 5 minutes of rest bring you back calm, good mood, will help you focus much better.

Drink green tea

Coffee is always the solution you call for to revive you, but what would it be like instead of a cup of coffee to opt for a cup of green tea? Green tea is an important source of l-Theanine, a substance that helps you get rid of feelings of anger, irritability and anxiety.

Green tea stimulates organsim to stimulate serotonin, the hormone of happiness. And a few dark chocolate tarts will help you calm down. Chocolate contains substances that help regulate cortisol, known as a stress hormone.

Flavor therapy

Daily stress can be overcome with aromatherapy. Put a few 2-3 drops of lavender, peppermint, basil or any other aroma you like in the room where you are and inspire deeply. Your batteries will charge instantly and you'll be ready to take it off again.

Read a few pages of a book

Reading is a good method of relaxation, being a perfect practice in times of stress. A study in the United States concluded that in less than six minutes, reading helps lower blood pressure (it is known that the heart gets bored and increases our blood pressure during stress) and reduces muscle tension.

Energize with a smoothie

A smoothie with fresh fruit can be your save on a stressful day. Put in your favorite fruit blender for several minutes to get a tasty drink. Fruits have a high content of vitamins and minerals, being the energy dose that will help you regain your strength.

Wash your hands

Did you know that washing hands with warm water is a very relaxing gesture? Go to the bathroom and let the water flow, for a few minutes, on your fingers and palms. Focus only on that pleasant sensation to the touch and you will feel how you relax. You can give yourself a little cold water on the cheeks, it is a gesture that will also remove you from the stressed state.

Tighten your muscles

A very good relaxation technique is the one where you alternate the moments when you tighten your muscles with those where you relax. You will feel much better. What you can do is to squeeze your fists, then undo them, because this gesture also helps you get rid of stress and anxiety.

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