Teeth appearance: What happens? What helps?

Teeth appearance: What happens? What helps?

The appearance of the first teeth is a stage for all children. However, the way he reacts during this period varies enormously from one child to another, making it difficult for even the most balanced of parents.

Here are some common problems that appear during this uncomfortable, transitional period, with which you must be on the topic to help the little one:
1. In most babies, the two front teeth, from the bottom, come out at about 6 months. But children's teeth do not always appear in a predetermined order. The two teeth are usually followed by the upper teeth, which appear above about a month.
Next, one tooth will appear in the middle of each lower part, these two being followed by their upper equivalents.

Most babies have 8 teeth by the age of one year.
2. Saliva leakage it is a problem that babies face when their teeth appear because they are not used to the irritation produced by the teeth and their body produces more saliva than usual.
Although the flow of saliva comes from the charm of your baby, there is one aspect to which you must pay more attention. Excessive moisture in the skin can cause irritation and cracking of the skin of the face.
Some parents apply a weakening emollient cream to create a protective barrier. Another way to help the baby is to wipe their saliva with a soft cotton cloth that does not irritate the baby's skin.

3. If a baby shows signs of illness at the time of tooth emergence, then this transitional period is not the cause. It is a simple coincidence that the teeth begin to appear at 6 months, exactly during the same period when the immunity that the child receives from the mother begins to decrease and must defend itself against microbes that cause minor diseases.
In addition, when children pull the ear, the parents put this gesture on account of the discomfort caused by the exit of the teeth. But the first thing to think about when shooting your ear is that it may have an ear infection. It does not put the various symptoms on account of the exit of the teeth without asking the opinion of the doctor who can decide.
4. The first teeth should be taken care of very well. In fact, most experts recommend that parents begin cleaning their baby's teeth just before they appear. If you wipe your baby's gums with a damp cloth, you will remove the bacteria from the surface that can cause plaque.
As soon as the first teeth appear, change the wet cloth with a soft toothbrush to use for both teeth and gums. When your baby turns 1, you can add fluoride toothpaste. Doctors recommend that you take the baby to the first dental checkup before the age of one year to make sure his / her teeth are normal.

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