Noodle pudding with vanilla sauce

Noodle pudding with vanilla sauce

Noodle pudding with vanilla sauce is a delicious and surprising dessert, inspired by French cuisine.

Preparation time

60 minutes





300 g of noodles

1 l milk

100 g old

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

50 g butter

20 g of bread

Vanilla sauce

400 ml milk

150 g old

3 eggs

50 g flour

1 vanilla stick

Method of preparation

Put the noodles on a boil in the milk, and when they are almost ready add the sugar and vanilla sugar. Allow to cool, then add the yolks and whites beat the foam, then mix well.

Put this composition in the oven, in a tray lined with butter and breadcrumbs and let it simmer, about 35 minutes, over low heat.

Meanwhile, prepare the vanilla sauce. Mix the three eggs with sugar in a bowl, add 50 g of flour dissolved in 2-3 tablespoons milk, and the rest of the milk is boiled with vanilla. Once it starts to boil, pour a little over the eggs and mix well.

Put the sauce back on the stove and stir all the time until it starts to boil again. Pour the sauce over the pre-portioned pudding and serve immediately.

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