Antibiotics in newborns

Antibiotics in newborns


- I have a three-month-old girl who has just cooled down, started coughing one night, and the nose was clogged the next day. I called the doctor who found that it was a respiratory fibrosis for which he prescribed several medicines, one of them being an antibiotic, one with a very strong increase. My question is whether it is good to give this girl an antibiotic, given the age and the fact that it is a cold.


As long as the treatment was prescribed by a doctor after a clinical consultation, there is no good reason not to comply with it, especially since it is a baby of only 3 months, in which the condition of health can change radically from day to day.

It is true that antibiotics are not active against viruses and therefore, usually no antibiotic treatment is indicated if it is a simple respiratory fibrosis.

However, there are exceptions: when it is suspected that it is a bacterial infection, when there is a risk of bacterial overinfection - in people with depressed immunity, extreme ages (young or old), with various associated conditions that predispose to over-infections.

If the doctor considered it necessary to combine an antibiotic, he probably had good reasons, revealed by the clinical examination of the baby.

In addition, today Augmentin is no longer such a "powerful" antibiotic; under this name is actually a broad spectrum antibiotic, containing Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid - which is a beta-lactamase inhibitor (enzymes that determine the resistance of bacteria to the action of beta-lactam antibiotics, such as amoxicillin).

My advice is to ask the doctor in the future to explain if you have any doubts or doubts about the recommended treatment, because the delay or non-administration of a treatment, especially in the case of a baby, may have in certain situations (situations that you do not have how to anticipate them) serious consequences.

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