Tips for moms: how to lose weight fast!

Tips for moms: how to lose weight fast!

Most women have the problem of depositing extra kilos and the appearance of cellulite on certain areas of the body, much more than others.

Thus, some of us put on the hips, knees, notice that we begin to have "wings", and later appear the famous "holes" of cellulite, with the appearance of orange peel.

Another party complains about its protrusions, which prevent them from wearing low-waisted pants or blouses worn on the waist; also the tummy is a big problem.

Whether you were born and your tummy still has the fourth month pregnancy format or so is your conformation to the tummy and all the food excesses are stubborn to settle there, Bodycenter Dakima comes to your aid with solutions for Local Weakness.

If you have a few extra inches on your hips, thighs and legs, cellulite in the first stage, then an electrostimulation treatment will give excellent results.

Muscle electrostimulation Its objective is to strengthen the muscles, improve circulation, absorb the excess fat from the tissues under the skin. Thermo-stimulation involves performing electrostimulation sessions lasting 60 minutes.

In a thermal blanket that heats up to 70 degrees producing vasodilation and perspiration on the skin.

It is recommended a subscription of 10 sessions of electrostimulation (60 min / session) that will help to tone the muscles and the disappearance of cellulite.

Their effect is visible after the first 3-4 sessions, but a minimum of 10 sessions is required. Maintaining the results involves conducting a weekly meeting.

If you are a full-fledged person and cannot keep a strict diet, the right combination is electrostimulation and packing (Thermosudation, Thalassotherapy and Spa liposauna) for weight loss, cellulite or anti-stretch marks, with the help of which you can lose at least 10 cm per week.

To get results you have to be persistent and conscientious. And if you "skipped" a day in the program or you didn't follow the diet to know that the fight is not lost. All you have to do is take it off the next day.

Yes, yes I know from now on that you will not go as you initially promised each evening at the salon for 60 minutes of electrostimulation! Think about losing more if you stop the treatment you promised than if you postpone a week.
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