How to remove the specific stains of summer, from the clothes

How to remove the specific stains of summer, from the clothes

In summer, your clothes look like more than ever because of perspiration, but also because of an outdoor barbecue or because you spilled one of the drinks you used to cool on the heat. Not to mention the stains on the clothes of your child, who is just waiting to run through the grass and play in the sand with other children his age.

Here's how to effectively remove the most common ones summer spots from the clothes:

How to remove grass stains from clothes

Among the most common spots with which you can dirty your clothes in summer are grass. You can choose with such a stain either when you work in the garden, when you mow the lawn, whether you are at a picnic or an outdoor barbecue. And on the mountain roads you can do your green clothes, it is enough to just fall once!

To remove them, first apply dishwashing detergent to the stained area and allow it to act for about a quarter of an hour. The faster you apply the detergent, the better, because grass stains are some of the hardest to remove. After the 15 minutes have passed, put the garment in the wash. If you do not have a washing machine handy, you can also wash it by hand. In the case of white clothes you can also use laundry bleach.

Skin foundation stains

It's just a moment of inattention and you can spot your favorite blouse with a foundation. Talcum powder is helpful for clothing made from natural materials, such as silk or cotton, while dishwashing detergent is effective for other types of materials.

To remove the foundation stains with the help of talcum powder, you just have to put a thick layer of powder on the stained area, then cover it with a thicker white sheet of paper and then iron. .

If using the dish detergent, soak the stained area with hot water, then put the detergent and rub it well until the stain comes out. In both cases, after you remove the stains, you must put the clothes in the wash as you normally do.

How to remove mud stains

Children love to play outdoors, so it's no wonder that after a rain their clothes can turn black because of the mud. Such a stain is quite difficult to remove, so much attention is required from you. First of all you have to put the stained clothes in cold water, never in hot water, because the hot water helps to better fix the mud in the fabric from the clothes.

If the stain is older, first clean the dry mud with a brush, then put the coat in cold water along with liquid laundry detergent and shake very well. The tar stain with mud should stand in cold water for at least 30 minutes, after which you should wash your clothes with warm water and regular detergent.

How to remove mustard stains from clothes

In summer, when the barbecue period is in full swing, it is very easy to stain your clothes with mustard. Such stains are quite easy to remove, you just have to put the clothes soaked in warm water and rinse the stain with liquid laundry detergent. Then you put your clothes on the washing program you normally wash.

Sauce stains

Tomato sauces can be a real enemy of clothes, because they are quite difficult to remove. You need vinegar from wine, which you can apply in the potato area, then rub it well. If you do not have vinegar in hand you can also use detergent to clean the dishes, because it has a great cleaning power, detergent that you apply directly on the stain, then give it with warm water and rub very well. After you remove the stain, put the clothes to wash.

Sweat stains

They are very unpleasant perspiration stains, which can be seen especially in the case of light colored clothes. You can effectively remove them using a solution obtained from two tablespoons of baking soda, which you mix with water, until you get a paste. Take the obtained paste and apply it to the places where the coat was stained due to perspiration, then take a toothbrush and rub the place well. Allow the bicarbonate solution to work on the stain for about an hour, then wash the coat.

Also for removing stains caused by perspiration you can also use the common aspirin. You weigh very well an aspirin pill, which you then put in a cup of hot water and mix well. You take the solution and put it on the stained areas, then rub well. In the end, all you have to do is wash the stained garment with the laundry detergent you normally use.

Pollen stains

The multicolored flowers that we find on the meadows, on the hill or in the mountains or on the plains or in the gardens are so tempting that we cannot help but smell them. But the proximity of these flowers can leave the clothes we wear pollen stain.

If you notice that you have pollen on your clothes, do not start removing it by hand or with a napkin, because you will do nothing but "help" the pollen to penetrate deeper into the fabric, and the stain will be even harder. to be removed. It is advisable to remove the clothing item full of pollen and shake it vigorously, to remove it from the particles. When you get home, put a solution of dishwashing detergent and water on the stained area and let it act for an hour, then wash your clothes.

Beer stains

A favorite drink for many of us on hot days, beer can easily stain our clothes. To remove stains from beer you must apply a solution obtained from two spoons of wine vinegar and a few drops of detergent from the dishes on the affected place. Allow it to act for about 10 minutes on the stain, then wash the clothes as usual.

Beach cream stains

The beach cream can stain your clothes easily, but you should not worry when you see the stain surface, because it is very easy to remove. What you need to do is pour over the liquid detergent stain or a solution obtained from normal detergent and hot water and allow to act for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes have passed, check to see if the stain has disappeared.

If the area is still stained, add a little detergent and leave to act for another half an hour. After the stain is gone, the garment is usually washed, without the need to use other cleaning solutions besides detergent.

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