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Vaccination of the baby at 4 months

Vaccination of the baby at 4 months


- If at 2 months I gave my baby the free vaccine to the family doctor, at 4 months can I get the vaccine to buy? I understood that the purchased vaccine is much more complex. Please advise me how best to proceed and how to name the 4 month vaccine in pharmacies and 6 months.


According to the national scheme of compulsory vaccinations, at the age of 4 months, 2 vaccines are made: polio vaccination (VPOT) and antidifter, anti-tetanus, anti-hypertensive (DTP) vaccination.

At 6 months, there are 3 vaccines: hepatitis B (AHB) vaccination, polio vaccine (VPOT), antifungal, anti-tetanus, anti-hypertensive (DTP) vaccination. You have the possibility, if you want to buy these vaccines from the trade, provided that the preparations contain the necessary vaccines according to the vaccination schedule.

There are various preparations, in different combinations, so that it is not necessary to administer 2-3 vaccines but one that contains the 2-3 that are needed. Their names vary, depending on the manufacturer: ask your GP or ask a pharmacy for a product containing 4 months VPOT + DTP and 6 months VPOT + DTP + AHB.

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