Massage during labor

Massage during labor

Massage during labor stimulates the release of endorphins, natural analgesic substances that help increase the sensation of well being.

Massage during labor stimulates the release of endorphins, natural analgesic substances that help increase the sensation of well being.
Endorphins are responsible for the feeling of euphoria you have when you play a sport you like and why not, when you have a fun evening with friends.
During labor, massage It is important because it makes you feel more comfortable with the person who cares for you in these delicate moments, be it the midwife or the partner.
Also, reaching a close person gives you strength and helps you overcome the pains of contractions and the fear of birth.
Surveys show that women have been harmed massage during labor they were less frightened, with less intense pain and also shorter labor, associated with diminishing postnatal depression, than women who were born without having a massage.
The oil enhances the pleasure of a massage and also makes it easier to practice. However, you must be careful what oil you use during labor.
Do not buy an oil without consulting an aromatherapy specialist. Essential oils contain powerful substances that can interfere with the normal course of contractions.
Some aromatherapists prefer to use base oils. These include sweet almonds and grape seeds. Do not use it if you have a nut allergy. Equally good is grape seed oil or even olive oil, which is very well absorbed into the skin.

Shoulder and back massage

Shoulder massage
It is important for the woman at work to have her shoulders relaxed. This helps maintain a rhythmic breathing, which increases the amount of oxygen that both mother and baby receive. Massage is therefore a very important factor for relaxation of the shoulders and breathing.
The person accompanying you during labor should place their hands on your shoulders and apply slight pressure on them. This will help you to let your shoulders down, if you have already stressed them because of stress. Then, he can massage you slightly, from the shoulders down to the elbows, maintaining a constant rhythm.
It is important to let him know if your massage is useful or how it can make you feel better. Another method you can try is keeping your palms on your shoulders and massaging them with your fingers in a circular direction at the shoulder blades.
Announce if the massage is painful or on the contrary insufficient or too fast. A chaotic massage can only increase your breathing rate when in fact it should slow down.
Back massage
Many women experience pain in the back region, especially in the lumbar region, so massage can be helpful. At the beginning of labor, your partner can use his palms to push you gently along the spine, on both sides of it.
The movement should be done at a constant and alternating rate, with one hand holding you permanently. These long, slow movements are especially soothing. Your fingers should be in contact with your body to feel the tensioned areas.
In advanced labor the partner can use his palm bridge to massage your lumbar region of the column. You will need to apply enough pressure to combat labor pains. Another method is to use your fingers to make circular movements in the same region. It remains for you to decide what is most useful to you.

Massage of the hands and feet

Hand massage
If you have epidural anesthesia and you are immobilized in bed, shoulder and back massage are quite difficult to perform. And since you can't feel your feet, their massage is useless. In these circumstances, hand massage is most appropriate.
The partner should only gently squeeze your hand each, starting with the back, then the palms, sliding slightly from the wrist to the tip of your fingers.
Maybe draw small circles with your fingers all over your palm. It is a special way of approach during labor, making it more special.
Foot massage
Many of those who say they do not support the touch of the feet, still find the firm, rhythmic massage of the soles.
The massage must be firm, otherwise it will do nothing but to guard. If your long labor requires you to stay in bed for a long time, the foot massage is ideal. The partner should only tighten your feet, from the ankle to the fingers or massage your soles with your fingers, making a circular motion.
You will discover that during labor your feet are very cold, the massage will help you warm them up.
Not all women endure the massage
If your partner is not very enthusiastic about getting a massage during labor, the fact that it does not help you can be very disappointing. However, some women simply cannot stand to be touched during contractions.
The pain can be so strong that any other external stimulus can be unbearable. On the other hand, other women enjoy the massage so much that they insist on doing it for hours in a row.
Partners need to be aware of these possibilities and be prepared to be close to their future mothers.
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