Aggressive behavior in kindergarten

Aggressive behavior in kindergarten


- I have a little boy at the kindergarten who has been coming for a few days and he is quite aggressive especially when something is not suitable for him, he also behaves with me and his colleagues. His mother claims that he does not have such behavior at home, he told me to punish him and put him in a corner, but I did not agree and I thought to talk to him and explain that he is not nice, but it is still difficult. How should I approach him, but also his mother?


I think that child should be ignored by you and the other children when he is aggressive and praised when he is desirable.

There is also the method that when you have such behavior, you isolate it from the group of children in a corner of the room, for a certain period of time, for example. 5 minutes.

As for the mother, you can tell her what you have decided about him and discuss with her the effects you observe after applying one of the methods!

Diana Ioanes
Psychologist - Psychologist specializing in psychoanalytic counseling for children
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