Baby safety in the house

Baby safety in the house

As your child grows up and learns to move alone, anything in your home becomes a potential danger. To make sure that your baby will not leave anything in the house you must learn to take some measures and anticipate the danger before an accident happens. The risks change with the increase, so you will always have to be one step ahead of him to protect him.

Kids are curious. He likes to explore. They like to test things by putting them in their mouths and sticking their fingers in unusual places, playing with all the efforts they hang and pulling or pushing things.

There are a lot of measures you need to take to protect your child from injuries or different accidents at home.

Here are some basic rules to make your baby home safer.

To be able to repel as many of the possible dangers for the baby you can sit on your knees and hands and look around. This is the level from which the baby sees the world and it is possible to detect much of the things that could attract it.


At least in the first months of life, the crib is the place where the baby spends most of his time, so you have to take care to make it as safe as possible and eliminate all the possibilities by which the little one could fall or fall. it could hurt.

The space between the bars of the crib should be less than six centimeters, otherwise the baby could slip between them or catch his feet.

The pillar corner of the crib should be at the same level as the crib edge, in no form higher.

The mattress should fit perfectly with the size of the bed. The space between the mattress and the edges of the crib can become dangerous. Babies can catch their sleeves or feet. Make sure the mattress is not less than 15 centimeters thick and does not have a very soft surface.

The mattress should be protected with a lining, not a bag, as this increases the risk of suffocation.

Keeps the crib away from the wires or the curtains or drapes.

Keep toys that you think are dangerous away from the crib and only give the baby when you are around and you can watch it.

If your baby can stand up and push in them, remove all soft toys and pillows, they could use them to climb up from the crib.

Never leave the child alone on the table you change, in bed or on another flat surface that is at a height. The little ones quickly learn to roll, even before they go to the mouthpiece, and they can only fall as you turn to take a diaper.


Most toys have the age of the children for whom they are recommended. If your baby has not yet reached the age of the toy label, it means that it is not safe for him. Small parts of toys or batteries are dangerous for a small child.

A pile of toys safe for the age of your child can become a danger: the baby can fall over them and it can hurt just as well as it can use them in the crib to climb and "escape". The less they are, the better. However, you can not play at the same time with many toys, so it would be good to give them one at a time.

The kitchen

In the kitchen make sure the baby does not reach the stove knobs. In the case of a contract, you can remove them and keep them at your fingertips. And make sure you keep it in a tightly closed drawer. Remove it only when using it. At the same time, make sure you place the dishes on the stove with the wand inward so that the little one cannot pull them over. Ideally, you should use only the rear mesh of the stove, so that the dishes and fire are as far away from the child as possible. Teach the baby that it is not good to stand near the stove because it "freezes".

Keep your coffee, tea and hot foods away from the places the child has access to. The same is true for knives and other sharp or sharp objects. A drawer that can be locked or with a safety system to keep the children away would be the best choice.

The bathroom

Medicines, vitamins and cleaning products must also be kept in tightly closed cabinets - babies cannot differentiate between sweets and medicines, and taking a drug or swallowing a small amount of a cleaning product can be deadly.

Children can drown in very little water. Never leave water in the tub or in the baby's tub. How unpredictable are the little ones, you do not know when you get out of your eyes and reach the water.

The little ones can let go of the hot water and they can breathe. For them, taps can be an element worth exploring. That's why it's best to never leave the baby alone in the bathroom.

Keep household items, such as a hair dryer, away from the bathroom and unplug them.

Do not use a lock in the bathroom that cannot be unlocked from the outside, and cover the floor with a non-slip bath mat.


You can cover the corners of the furniture with soft devices specially designed to protect babies. Otherwise they can become dangerous to the baby's eyes and head. Even if the baby has learned to walk, it does not have much stability, and falls can occur at any time. Avoid unfortunate accidents with the help of these devices.

Keep the fans and heating devices away from the baby. They can become the cause of burns and injury to the little one. The farther I am from him, the better.


Stairs are another element of interest for the little ones. Even if they haven't learned to walk yet, they will want to climb the stairs or try to climb them. Use safety gates on both ends of the stairs. Make sure you have a locking system that the little one does not have access to.


What's beyond this window? This is how one can interpret the curiosity of the little ones when they look at the window and try by any means to reach it.

The best solution is surely the grates often enough to prevent the child from falling between them or blocking their limbs. The windows for the windows, made to keep the insects away, are not strong enough for the safety of the child.

If you do not have the option to use this option, be careful not to leave chairs or other pieces of furniture around the windows that the little one might climb to reach the window.

Use curtains and short curtains or lift them up so that the baby does not reach them. The device that fastens the curtain and the curtain to the wall could pull over the dam.

Apartment plants

Keep them away from the baby! Some are poisonous, so it is best to avoid any problem by limiting the child's access to plants. You can consult a plant specialist to find out which ones are poisonous and you can remove them or give them to a friend who will take care of them until your baby grows older.

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