When is it safe to wear the girl's earrings?

When is it safe to wear the girl's earrings?

Earrings for baby earrings are one of the controversial topics of today. Whether it's just the aesthetic sense, or whether the parents are part of a civilization in which the earrings are a sign of their culture, a part of the parents choose to make holes in the little girls' ears since they are in the stage. I must say and know first of all that there is no medical cause to wait. But the procedure is not risk-free.

Should I use a specialized practice or go to a medical professional?

Not all piercing cabinets have special equipment and equipment so they can handle children better.

For example, guns often used for piercing cannot be sterilized, which means that the risk of an infection such as hepatitis is somewhat higher.

If you want to get holes in your baby's ears, probably the safest option is to ask the pediatrician if he can help you. He will use a sterile needle to make the holes and he will certainly know better how to care for the little girl's ears. Here's what you should know before you do this:

The holes in the ears are done without anesthesia. The pain caused by this process is easier even than the one we feel under anesthesia. For safety, you can give your baby an ibuprofen pill before going to work.

• Another thing worth noting is that your little girl is still very small, does not understand certain things and therefore will often bring her hand to her ears, thus growing the risk of an infection. To prevent this, you will need to clean your ears and even earrings with medicinal alcohol or oxygenated water several times a day or as often as your doctor recommends. Always pay attention to the little girl's ears: if the area around the hole becomes red or sensitive, it is the sign of an infection.

Also make sure that the ringlets are not too tight on the ear lobe.

• There is a risk that your little girl will have one allergic reaction to the metal after you make the holes in his ears. If around the hole in the ear there is an irritation accompanied by bark, you will have to remove the earrings. To avoid this situation you should make sure that those parts of the earring that touch his ear are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel or 14 karat gold. If the irritation and the shells don't go away, your little one probably won't be able to wear earrings.

Swallowing earrings. This is probably the most worrying thing. Most parents know that toys are recommended at certain ages because of the risk of swallowing and drowning. As the earrings cannot be fixed permanently, the risk of them falling apart and falling is quite high. Generally, they are small in size and can be swallowed easily by the little ones.

How high are these risks? Earrings are just a matter of aesthetics, and the risks are not so great. Now that you know the problems that may arise and why you should stay away, the decision is entirely yours.

You can wear earrings for the girl at any age you want, as long as you consider all these things and avoid the possible dangers. If later she wants to give up earrings, she has to remove them from her ears. In time, unused, the holes in the ears will cover.

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