Shopping for school

Shopping for school

Arm yourself with a lot of patience (and enough monetary resources) and set off on a shopping adventure for school. After you have checked everything as purchased on the list of things required by the teachers at the school, you have a few more things that it is good to buy for the new school year, either for your child's peace and security or just to satisfy your child's wishes.

So after you have taken all the notebooks (special, dictando, math), pencils, pens, pen and everything else mentioned by the teacher, you have a few more things to add to your shopping cart.

First of all, you will need an agenda to pass on your activities: behind each smart child is an organized mother.

Every thing that you or your child needs to do in connection with school, courses, meetings, meetings or other extracurricular activities is included in the agenda.

If your child is older and has courses in several rooms, he will be very useful with a map in which to put only the things that are needed for the respective course.
Because you like your little one to eat healthy and keep to this aspect, you will need to purchase one box for package (if it can be divided).
The colored pencils are definitely to the liking of any child. He will use them at drawing hours, at home when he wants to "paint" or the usual notebooks to emphasize the important things.

The backpacker is perhaps the most difficult to choose. The child wants something, you know what is good for him, the model does not seem right to you and look so you come to the dilemmas. We recommend a sack to put on both shoulders, in no case a bag or a sack between those that are held on one shoulder. The rucksack-style backpack ensures better support and does not increase the risk of developing spinal problems.
Choose a model with several compartments and colorful enough to please your child.
Pencil box
To keep all the pens, pencils and pen as good as possible, your child needs a roomy penis that he likes. So the differences in the choice of the backpacker will probably be repeated. Our recommendation is for the pen to be one that will have a special place for each writing instrument. Thus, the child will be less likely to return home full of ink or pen paste on his hands.
Success for all juniors in the new school year!

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