In winter, an opportunity to play with your baby

In winter, an opportunity to play with your baby

When the temperature outside will drop and the cold will settle, you and your baby will have the opportunity to spend much more time together at home. But do not worry, we have thought ahead of time some fun activities that you and your baby can use as long as you are trapped in the house.

Smiles of 0 - 3 months
At these ages, communication with the newborn is done by encouraging and stimulating his senses with interesting textures, smells, sounds and patterns.

  • Abracadabra!

  • Tie panicles or colored materials from a wooden spoon and butterfly it in front of your baby. This magic wand has the power to turn any frowning baby girl into one with a colorful smile.
  • Mommy and magician!

  • Fill a box or bag with items your baby is playing with or are familiar with. Then, in front of him, he pulls out one object at a time like a magician. If you join the game and you will be surprised, your baby will be amazed by each object.
  • We dance, we smile!

  • Dancing together in the form of a swing on a quiet song, is a true relationship experience for you and your baby, especially if he is sick or tired. You can also try to dance in a funny style under his eyes, for him it will be very fun!
    The games bring us a different smile at 4-9 months
    Starting with the age of 4 months, your baby will be much more receptive and can enjoy a deeper involvement when it comes to playing time with you.
  • Gadi-gadi!

  • Your baby will love touching the tickling mother. His baby's giggle will begin as he sees his mother's handcuffs coming toward him.
  • Airplane with motor, take the baby in flight too!

  • Starting with the age of 4 months, the baby will be able to keep his head upright, which is why if you lift him up in the air like a plane or rocket, things will happen safely. Do not worry, baby will be more than delighted, and besides the laughter and laughter, he will show you that he wants more.
  • Hide-and-seek.

  • This game will never become boring for children. Use your imagination: hide behind a towel or door, put on a silky hat or just put on a funny girl. Your baby will laugh every time you come out, guaranteed!
    Fun at 10 - 16 months
    With the age of 10 months, the baby begins to make progress towards coordination, so it is time to stimulate him to participate in activities where he can use his motor skills.
  • We decorate, we redecorate!

  • Pamper your baby and let him arrange, rearrange, fill and empty objects. Give her a box full of safe toys, this will give her guaranteed a few hours of fun.
  • Mission accomplished!

  • When the baby starts moving around the house, moving toys or a larger box are ideal for him. He can move them around the house, they will find it a very important and fun mission. This activity will encourage him to learn to walk.
  • Boom, bang, bang!

  • Toys or objects that make noise are absolutely fascinating to babies. Offer him objects he can collide with or shake, such as a wooden spoon and a pan. Bang, bang we're having fun!
  • Obstacle course. Ready Set Go!

  • When the baby begins to walk the bush or start researching the house, you can create a track with obstacles such as pillows, calendars, parents, plush animals or clothes.
    Laura Moise