Simple savings on food bill

Simple savings on food bill

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If you are wondering how to save money on the food bill, find out that there are some simple ways that do not fail in this regard.

If you are wondering how to save money on the food bill, find out that there are some simple ways that do not fail in this regard.
The first thing you can do is shop only once a week, for the whole week, and without taking the kids with you. The more shops you go to, the more chances you have of buying things you don't need. Plus, shopping at the end of the day with a child who screams at your hand causes you to stop paying attention and buy everything.
Make a home list of what you need to buy, ask someone to stay with the children, and pay attention to the prices and what and how much you buy. If you find a promotional offer not to be rejected, you can deviate from the list, but only in such a situation.

You can try to limit the consumption of prepared foods, because it is much cheaper to make them fresh at home.
There are, however, exceptions: homemade bread, pasta sauce. But salad dressing, with oil and vinegar, is cheaper to prepare at home. Do not buy sliced ​​products already, because they are more expensive. Also, follow the supermarkets with their own products, which have lower prices. But be careful to find the ones you like because many can leave you wanting in taste.
Introduce a vegetarian day into your family's diet to save meat.
You can make vegetarian lasagna or musaka and go for sure. Meat alternatives, such as soy or tofu, are healthy but are sometimes more expensive than meat.
Buy in bulk, from wholesale stores, but be careful what you give the money.
It is useless to buy perishable foods from which you throw half because they have broken down. Focus on non-perishable things like toilet paper, sugar, rice, etc. You can share the costs and purchases with another family if you want to buy perishable foods like chicken breast.
Prepare special dinners for you and your husband at home, instead of going to the restaurant.
Feed the child and put him to bed early or send him to sleep with his grandparents. Take out the good dishes and cutlery, open a bottle of wine and prepare a special steak recipe and a pretentious dessert. And because in this way you save the money given to the good while you were away and the taxi and restaurant money, you can eat something delicious.
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