How not to name your child

How not to name your child

There are some rules that you should keep in mind when choosing the name for your baby, to avoid an unhappy choice.

Apart from the related tips that refer to the meanings and beauty of some children's names, it is good for a parent to know and how not to name your child.

Between originality and pain
Many parents believe that if I write a different name (for example, Maria wrote Mariaah), the name of their child will be more special.

Indeed, different writing may be a note of originality, but think about that all the time the child will have to specify how the name is written, which can become quite unpleasant at one point.

Another type of name to avoid is the one with which you make unfortunate associations. As much as your partner would like a name, if you hear an insufferable teacher or an aunt who smelled bad in your mind, it is best not to use it because you will always have a negative image in mind.

Avoid the name that sounds sick (ex Sidonia). Look for a name that sounds close to family. It is not good for the two names to rhyme or repeat.
Take care and you can hear the names spoken together, first the first name and then the last name and vice versa, so as not to form the last and first syllables strange combinations. Pay attention to the initials that the name will form, especially if you want to give the child two first names.
Do not give your child pet names. No matter how much you once loved a pet, try not to put the same name on the baby. That means no names like Rex, Fifi, Nona, etc.
Family obligations
Do not let the family put pressure on you to name your child in a certain way, after a certain relative (due to religion, tradition, obligation, etc.). If you want to do this, do it because you want it. But beware of the one named after relatives who might wear outdated names (eg Vasile). If you insist, put it at least as a second name.
Take care of the child's name after celebrities. If that celebrity has a normal name (eg Andreea), that's fine, but if the name is too loud and special (eg Shakira) your child will be forever linked to that person.
If you are planning to have more children, do not give them all the names that start with the same letter or that are similar (eg Ion, Ionel, Ionut etc) because it makes them feel less special.
Do not choose a name that has a pointer, which can be shortened to a diminutive tendency, which rhymes with obscenities or with the surname (ex Chisu Sisu).

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