Useful things in your baby's luggage for the holidays

Useful things in your baby's luggage for the holidays

Baby's luggage for the holidays is often a source of stress for parents, who always worry that they will forget at home important things for their child's care or that the bags will be inconvenient for the endless list of things the child needs. We offer you some revolutionary product solutions and recommendations, whereby you save space, time and effort in baby care during the holidays.

Baby table cover

No matter how much you want it, the dining chair does not have a place among the many baby things that you have to take on vacation. But there is an innovative product that helps you to provide the necessary comfort during the meal, even during the holidays.

The dining bag can be attached to any type of chair and is equipped with some special socks in which the baby is held, so that it is safe throughout the meal. It is one of the most practical accessories for baby vacations and occupies the same space in luggage that is occupied by a simple blouse or a small towel.

Cadita Flexi Bath Blue

Do not be afraid that during the holiday you will not have a fall in which you used to bathe your child daily. You can benefit from the comfort and facilities offered by this device, buying a portable notebook, which folds up and takes up very little space in your luggage.

This way, you get rid of the stress of bathing your baby in a normal, large, adult bath that gives you a feeling of insecurity during bathing. Don't forget to sneak a few small water toys and a non-slip mat into the guardrail so that your holiday baths can be as relaxing as those at home.

Bottle car heater (Rotho jars)

The warming of the bottle during the car ride has always been a stressful problem for moms traveling with babies. But the manufacturers have invented the special device for heated bottles, equipped with a charger for the car, so you can escape the trouble of preparing milk or baby food, even during the trip.

KinderKraft 1-level folding crib

If the hotel room or the space where you are staying on vacation is not equipped with a baby crib, you can consider the idea of ​​buying a foldable crib, so you can be sure that the little one is sleeping peacefully and safely anywhere.

Babycook Robot

It is small, easy, practical and you get rid of the worry of preparing your baby's meals for the holidays. This is the Babycook kitchen robot, which cooks steam, mixes, thaws and heats the food, so you can get rid of the child's meals when traveling. In addition, it takes up very little space in luggage, which makes it an ideal travel device when you have a baby.

Folding trolley Comfort Loola

Even if it is a vacation, the baby cannot be deprived of strollers through the resorts or the cities to be visited. The trolley thus becomes one of the things that must be found on the list of things needed for the child's luggage. And to be transported more easily and take up less space, it is recommended to opt for a trolley with a compact folding mechanism.

Baby Ono multifunctional bag

The baby's luggage is not allowed to miss the multifunctional bag, in which not only the diapers are stored, but also other accessories and other things necessary for the good care of the child. The bag is functionally divided, for a better organization of things in it, so you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for them.

What other things do you think should not be missing from the baby's luggage? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!