Infant mortality can be prevented

Infant mortality can be prevented

Save the Children calls for saving the lives of mothers and children at the G8 Summit

Leaders in the Group of the eight most industrialized states in the world must take urgent action to save the lives of millions of mothers and children at the Summit to be held in Canada on June 25-26. G8 leaders received strong encouragement from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who identified as the crucial initiative of the Summit on Mental and Child Health.

Save the Children calls for G8 leaders to take decisive action and support Prime Minister Harper's initiative to reduce the unacceptable number of preventable deaths among mothers, newborns and young children.

The international organization draws attention to the fact that leaders must act together to prevent the deaths of nearly nine million children under the age of five and about 350,000 mothers, who occur annually.

It is vital that the leaders of the eight most industrialized states in the world establish policies to be followed to improve health and reduce poverty in the most vulnerable social categories worldwide.

Rattle Cry - petition to prevent infant mortality

Before the G8 Summit, Save the Children launches a social movement called Rattle Cry. The online petition aims to determine the G8 leaders to stop, listen and then act to reduce the number of children who die from preventable causes.

"The G8 leaders have in their hands the opportunity to solve one of the fundamental challenges of today's world - to ensure the survival of children and mothers in vulnerable situations," said Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save the Children Romania.

Of the eight Millennium Goals that all states have adopted in 2000, the one on the health of mothers and children is crucial. Objective number four is to reduce the mortality of children under five to one-third of the level of the 1990s, while Objective number five aims to reduce the deaths of mothers at birth, to one-fourth of the level of the 1990s.

Every year, the world loses about $ 15 billion in productivity as a result of deaths among mothers, newborns and children. When mothers and children benefit from a healthy life, social stability is guaranteed, and their health becomes a good investment for all.

"Rattle Cry" is part of the EVERY ONE campaign, a global initiative that aims to reduce the number of deaths among children under five by two-thirds by 2015. One of the key components of the "Rattle Cry" is to convince world leaders to double the funds for the initiatives aimed at the health of mothers and children.

78% of deaths among children under 5 in Romania could have been prevented, by prevention and treatment

Romania registered, in 2009, according to the data provided to the organization Save the Children Romania by the Ministry of Health, 2,250 child deaths (a mortality rate of 10.1 ‰). In 2008, our country had the highest infant mortality rate in the European Union (11 deaths per 1000 inhabitants): compared with 5.72 ‰ average in the European Union (Sweden 2.7 ‰; Italy 5.5 ‰)

Half of the deaths occurring under one year of age are recorded in the first month of life (postnatal period), which represents a value almost three times higher than in other European countries, and among the socially disadvantaged children and those from rural areas have a significantly higher number of child deaths (especially at home) compared to the national average.

In 2008, the deaths of children in Romania aged 0-5 were caused by three categories of factors:

  • in about 30% of cases - parasitic diseases and respiratory system - these diseases can be easily treated in case of early detection and access to medical care;

  • 48% of the deaths were caused by diseases, malformations and diseases that appeared during the perinatal period, undetected in time;

  • about 10% of accidents.

Save the Children runs the campaign in Romania Every One, which includes, in a first phase, four localities from Dambovita county (ILCaragiale, Gura sutii, Dragomiresti and Moreni), four localities from Vrancea county (Marasesti, Slobozia Bradului, Homocea and Vidra) and four localities from Caras-Severin county. . All these localities have poor areas, a low level of living and a large Roma population; in all there are health mediators and five of them also have community assistants.

The program has a major component of information and education, both among future mothers, as well as within each community, and an intervention component, which involves providing healthy nutrition (nutritional supplements) for pregnant women and children up to 5 years old. .

Throughout the project, an important component will be the advocacy campaign at the level of the central authorities. There will be a series of round tables with central authorities and NGOs to find solutions to reduce mortality and improve the health of the newborn and the child up to 5 years old. The advocacy campaign will discuss the need to find funding, improve and streamline existing national programs.

June 23, 2010