How do you get pregnant faster?

How do you get pregnant faster?

To conceive a child can be extremely simple, as long as you understand and respect the basic rules in conception.

Myth and truth about increasing fertility

Many tips are spread both among neighbors and acquaintances, as well as through media channels or specialists on improving and maximizing fertility for a quick conception. Some of them are good to follow, others are just myths that ultimately disappoint.

Moms in the Community have also encountered this problem and have tried to provide the best advice on increasing fertility and fulfilling the dream of having a baby. Here's what they say:

You have to give up contraception early

Salaicristina: "It's been waiting 6 months since you stopped birth control. A friend of mine got pregnant only 4 months after she stopped birth control and her baby came out with malformations. The child is 2 years old, but she can't stand her and standing is not allowed at all. Better wait 6 months after the contraceptive interruption. "

There are several speculations in this regard: while some doctors claim that there is no danger of becoming pregnant immediately after the contraceptive pills are finished, others warn in this regard of risks to the fetus. It is best, however, to wait a while after they are finished, to be sure that there will be no complications.

Pillow under the bottom to keep the semen in the vagina

Savuanamaria: "In order to have a baby, the traditional position is" used "with a pillow underneath, and after contact, stay in the candle position or with the basin as high for about 15 minutes.

After sexual contact, the doctors recommend that you stay in the bed for about 25-30 minutes with a pillow under the pelvis and feet up. It is true that if you manage to keep sperm longer in the vagina, the chances of a sperm fertilizing the egg will grow, but it is not a mandatory condition.

Vitamins that increase fertility

There are indeed vitamins that increase fertility and, in addition, help to fix and optimally develop the pregnancy. The moms in the community give us answers in this regard.

Angelcri: "I also tried for more than a year to get pregnant. Someone also told me about folic acid. I took about 2 months and I was successful."

Mmonikamm: "There are 2 vitamins with an essential role in stimulating male and female fertility: Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

For men, Vitamin C is recommended. In men with Vitamin C deficiency, sperm cells stick to each other and thus sperm cannot reach the egg.

In women, high doses of Vitamin C are to be avoided. Vitamin C in large quantities dries the secretions in the vagina, which hinders sperm mobility to the egg.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is beneficial in both men and women. This vitamin plays a significant role in the production of sperm. Vitamin E is taken only at the doctor's recommendation. It may have repercussions if it is used in combination with blood-clotting drugs. "

Sex in the 14th day of the menstrual cycle

Many women who try to get pregnant leave their ear to everything they communicate. If more moms say that on day 14 of the cycle you have to do this, then even the most inexperienced women, but eager to have a baby, will do the same.

In fact, the period of ovulation differs from one woman to another and it appears or not depending on the problems they are facing from a medical point of view. Ovulation varies from month to month depending on several factors. There are very rare situations where ovulation is clockwise. Indeed day 14 is optimal for women who have a stable and regular cycle of 28 days a month.

Therefore, all the methods of ovulation monitoring listed below should be applied.

Natural remedies that increase fertility

Regarding this topic Corinuka, one of our community members argues:

"There are no tricks, the child comes when he wants to, I clarified myself, I am only 36 years old ... I think the secret is to relax, forget about stress and love your husband when he comes, not according to the ovation! (...) below are some natural remedies used by the baby aspirants in this forum that have helped many women become mothers:

cocktail with: cheesy, the tail of the mouse and the yellows from day 1 to day 12-13 CM, for a CM of 28 days (the rest is added depending on the number of days); put one tablespoon of each to one liter of water, from the day after ovulation drink peas tea, 1-2 cups a day (and more, who can);

• three uninterrupted months - raspberry extract for hormonal regulation;

• three months uninterrupted - Vitex Fruit for hormonal adjustment;

• fish oil (salmon oil with omega 3 from Doppel Hertz which has a little vitamin E - 12 mg) - 2 capsules / day;

• testosterone increase: tribulus terestris, Se + Zn and red ginseng, which is given as written in the leaflet;

• cold showers for men once a day;

• organic foods, elimination of ERAs, pesticides, preservatives, frosts;

• as many natural home-made juices (fructose feeds).

Discover more recommendations by going to the topic What can I do to get pregnant?

Find out the fertile period!

Not at any time of the month can you conceive! The most favorable period is the ovulation period.

How can you figure out when is the right time to have sex to conceive a child?

• using a computer to find the fertile time of the month;

• establishing a personal daily calendar to accurately determine the fertile days when you have ovulation;

• measuring basal body temperature;

• monitoring the cervical mucus;

• checking the cervical position.

Have regular sex

If you have sex about two or three times a week, constantly, then you will definitely count the days when you are fertile. This way you will ensure that you meet the condition of having sex at the right time for conception.

If you have daily sex in the period close to the onset of ovulation you have a higher chance of conceiving, say the specialists!

Healthy couples can have sex as many times as they want, without a maximum limit in this regard! If there is no other health problem that stands in the way of fertility, there is no need for a couple other than sex to have children!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

There are a few main rules that you must adhere to for a healthy lifestyle:

• stay in the normal weight patterns for your age and height;
• move as often as you have the opportunity, even daily;
• eat healthy;
• keeps stress under control.

Develop a preconception plan

You need to consider, before you become pregnant, more things about your health. These could help you conceive a child faster if you checked them in your preconception plan.

Folic acid plays an essential role in the development of a healthy pregnancy. Such a supplement, taken daily for several months before becoming pregnant, reduces many risks that can occur immediately after conception.

Give up alcohol and smoking

Tobacco alters the cervical mucus, preventing sperm from reaching the egg and installing the pregnancy. Smoking also increases the risk of miscarriage, so the joy of announcing a pregnancy could be quickly ended!

Alcohol also has disastrous effects favoring infertility.

Do not take medicines without the doctor's advice

Some women believe that if they can buy prescription drugs there is no danger and it does not affect their fertility! Some medications may interfere with the ability to conceive children, even if they are extremely common and do not require doctor's recommendation.

Always advise with your doctor regarding the administration of medicines when you want to become pregnant!

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