Games where children help clean up

Games where children help clean up

It is difficult to determine a child to help you clean because domestic activities are not part of his hobbies. Clearing the dust, cleaning the room or giving the vacuum cleaner is the nightmare of any little boy who wants to do nothing but play. If the game wants to, it plays, but while you do the house cleaning month together.

The washing of the dishes and the joy of the balloons

You will never wash your baby's dishes if you order or order this. Be skilled and find the fun factor in dishwashing to attract it in this activity!

Make sure you have a lot of foam detergent. Fill the sink in half, put detergent and then play with the foam balloons, at the same time guiding the little one and to wash the dishes well to clean them.

Room cleaning? A children's play!

I don't even want your little one to go clean in the car with the remote control he spins around. Do not tell him that you are cleaning, but invite him to play.

Remember his favorite character (story, game, cartoon, etc.) and tell him you will play a game called "X says to ..." (x being the character's name - for example Scooby Doo says to ...). Use the game and tell him that the character will give you some pointers, and he must do what he is told as soon as possible. And this is how "Scooby Doo says to quickly pick up toys in the basket" becomes a way to clean up.

He sneaks in and a fun part, like "Scooby Doo wants to see if you are smart enough to be part of his quests. He tells you to look for a green object and take it to the kitchen table as quickly as possible. , ... ", and the green object is the long glass of juice left on the desk.

Cleanliness or musical career

Music can be the best help in helping the little one to help you clean.

Take the mop in your hand, put your favorite CD and have it dance with the mop on the entire surface of the room to be cleaned. Add fun elements and tell him that when the music stops for a few seconds he must sit still without moving at all.

You can use music to make him do many more things: have him tighten his tight clothes and toys until one of the pieces ends, always competing with him, and at the same time you will try to do something else. trying to defeat him.

Play the inspector

Tell him you will play the inspector and he must hide a toy and you will find it.

However, be smart and tell him that the toy is best hidden when the room is clean and nothing is in the way of their game. Therefore, it would be good to take a quick look around while he thinks of the best hiding place.

Counter-chronometer race

This little game works better when there are two or more siblings, but you can get involved in this race against the clock if you have only one child, to be a competitor.

Children love the competition and always come first. That's why, set the rules before you start: make a list that you divide in half and write the name of both in 2 parts. Then move on to what each has to do and the time they have to do. For a reasonable time, he is not moving as fast as you. You can go to it: toys, dust, vacuuming, parquet, etc.

For such a complex work a small reward is necessary. After all, the race must have a stake to be more interesting and attractive. Be careful, do not use cash or material rewards. Tell him that you will look at his favorite drawings together, that you will read his favorite story, that you will teach him to do something, that you will take him to the amusement park, etc.

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