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Caesarean situations

Caesarean situations

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In some cases, the cesarean section is imposed by the doctor, being the only option to keep both baby and mother safe. Find out what are the situations in which the cesarean section is mandatory!

Caesarean involves the birth by surgical method - that is, removing the baby from the mother's belly through an incision in the abdomen and uterus.

12 situations in which Caesarean section is required

Prior placenta

It occurs when the placenta is located somewhere down the uterus and completely or partially covers the cervix. Only 1 in 200 women face this problem in the third trimester of pregnancy. Treatment involves bed rest and constant monitoring by the doctor.

The child did not turn his head down

Vaginal birth occurs only when the baby turns upside down towards the end of the pregnancy period, but there are cases when the baby does not, requiring the intervention of doctors through the cesarean section.

The mother underwent surgery on the uterus

Surgical removal of the fibroid is an example. Then caesarean section is required as a precautionary measure, in order to avoid the risks that the mother would face.

Multiple pregnancy

Some twins may also be born naturally (depending on size and weight), but if triplets or more girls appear in the same pregnancy, then caesarean section is the only solution.

The child's weight exceeds normal expectations

There are cases where children grow older than they should, so any child over 4 kilos is considered to be macrosom. Although before the birth it is difficult to accurately determine the weight of the fetus, the doctor can decide the intervention by caesarean section as a result of finding a very large abdomen of the mother.

Placenta Abruptio

In a normal pregnancy, the placenta is attached to the inner wall of the uterus until the time of birth. Sometimes, however, it is detached from the walls before term forcing premature birth, and the only solution remains caesarean.

The baby has the umbilical cord around the neck

Although it can also be born through vaginal birth, under very special conditions, the safest method remains Caesarean section, in order not to risk choking the baby during normal birth.

The doctor detects the appearance of diseases or abnormalities

Caesarean is a fast and reliable solution to avoid other complications of the problems already existing. Caesarean section is the solution and if the baby is not receiving enough oxygen during the monitoring.

The cervix does not fully expand

When a vaginal birth is attempted, but the cervix is ​​not fully dilated, and the baby is in the optimal position, caesarean birth is required.

The mother has active genital herpes

If the baby's mother has genital herpes at birth, the doctor recommends caesarean section to avoid exposing the baby to this virus.

My mother has diabetes

If you suffer from this disease or acquire it during pregnancy, there is a risk that your baby will be a macrosome (larger than it should be), which would result in Caesarean section imposition.

The baby suffers from malformations

If the fetus is diagnosed with a birth defect, then caesarean section is recommended, in order to avoid any complications that may occur after a vaginal birth.

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