Baby's room

Baby's room

The baby's room is the place where the baby will probably spend the most time. It will be difficult for you to choose the most suitable bed, the most beautiful color and the most cheerful decorations, without loading.

First of all, you need to take into account the needs of your baby. Thus, beyond everything that is beautiful in the baby's room, it pays proper attention to the temperature and humidity in the room.

Temperature and humidity

The temperature in the baby's room should be somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius - neither too cold nor too hot. In the first days of life, the room must have a constant temperature of 23 - 24 degrees Celsius, because after 5 - 6 weeks, it will drop to 20 or even 18 degrees Celsius, the temperature considered optimal for the comfort of your child.

A room thermometer will help you keep track of the temperature and keep it at an optimum level.

To maintain the right humidity, especially in the cold season when the heating systems dry the air, you can opt for a humidifier or, at your fingertips, you can use wet towels to lay close to the baby's crib. Ideally, the humidity in the baby's room should be over 50%.

The appropriate room humidity is between 60 - 65%, which you can check using the hydrometer.

Positioning the room

It is good for babies to have the room facing south or south-east, to be bright and sunny enough.

Also consider the proximity of the small room to your room. It is important to be able to hear him and get to him faster and easier, because he will be very dependent on you in the first part of his life.

The light

Another very important aspect is light. It is ideal for this to be natural, so a larger window will be useful to you, but for the periods when the baby has to sleep, choose to cover the window with drapes or curtains for the outside.

As for artificial light, you can opt for a switch with intensity control, so you don't have to leave the baby in the dark when he sleeps, but not to disturb the light. Even when you leave the light on in the baby's room, it is good to use a lamp so that the light is not too strong and not blinking in the baby's eyes.

Another option is the lamps with different themes specially designed for the little ones. Those who design models on the walls will attract the attention of your little one and make their sleep sweeter.

The floor, walls and ceiling

Hardwood flooring, abrasive linoleum or plank floor are the best choices for the floor in the baby's room. These are not slippery.

Even if your baby is still too young to understand the paintings on the walls, they will be welcome to bring color and cheer to the room. Choose bright colors, but not very strong. The ceiling, on the other hand, is recommended to remain white.


First and foremost, when choosing baby room furniture, make sure it fits your child's needs based on his or her age. The crib, dressing table, wardrobe, chest of drawers and the saddle should not be missing from a baby's room.

In addition to the washed and ironed clothes, the diaper should not be missing from your baby's closet. Keep them in their original packaging until use and make sure you do not miss the plastic bags where you put dirty diapers.

Maintain the safety of your puppy by buying furniture with rounded corners, covering the corners with glue or by purchasing special devices for covering the sockets.

Also, it is not a good idea to leave a TV in the room where the baby sleeps.

Baby cot

Avoid using the canopy or any type of canvas or curtain to cover the baby's crib, especially in the first year of life. They accumulate dust, which is dangerous for the baby's respiratory system. Attention also to the distance between the cots of the crib, it must be of maximum 7.5 cm.

The mattress should be wrapped in cotton, and when you choose it, look for one that supports the body of the right baby.

When it comes to laying the crib, it should be protected from air curtains, away from mirrors, curtains, drapes or strong sources of heat (stove).

Cleaning in the baby's room

Especially in the first years of life, cleaning in the baby's room should be done daily. It is important to vacuum the dust and use a damp cloth to remove dust from the furniture. During cleaning, the baby should be in another room or, even better, taken out for a walk outdoors. Fresh air should not be lacking, so we recommend that you air the baby's room several times a day, but be careful to maintain a constant temperature.

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