How do you help your child be a good listener?

How do you help your child be a good listener?

A child who is a good listener is one who can easily handle it both in kindergarten, school or in other circumstances. Also, the little ones who are good listeners also have a social advantage - they can easily become the "best friends" of the children.

Here are ways you can help your child become a good listener:

Be a good listener yourself!

The child first learns from you. Therefore, you have to be a good listener to him. Never interrupt him when he wants to tell you something. Give her full attention when talking to you!

Turn your face and body towards him when he talks to you and wants to tell you something.

If you want him to listen to you, he must see that you are listening to him. The child often returns the respect he receives from those who offer him!

Always give them clear and simple directions of the activities they must do!

Acquire your habit of always giving instructions to your child when you ask him to do something. Always look into his eyes when you do this. You can tell him "please go to your room and make your bed; once you're done, take your backpack and I'll wait for you at the door." As you start to perform simple tasks, you can gradually add 2 or 3 more to a single request. Not only do you teach the child to listen, but you help him become an independent person.

Compliment him every time he is a listener!

Every time you have the opportunity, praise and appreciate it for the progress you make. You can tell him "thank you for being such a good listener; I appreciate that!" It will make you want to be that way, if you have any appreciation for it.

Do exactly what you say!

Never say something to the child and do something else! Even in the smallest details. For example, if you tell him that he can eat 2 cakes, then give him only 2, not 3 or more. Be precise! Do not even tell her that she is allowed "some" cakes! Tell her exactly how and how!

Be consistent when it comes to the consequences of inappropriate behavior!

If you tell the child that if he cries or screams you will remove him from the store where you are and you will not buy any more toys, because he is not good, do it! Just get him out of the store. Many parents say "I get you out of the store and I don't take your toy anymore" and end up not buying the toy or buying a smaller one. It is not recommended! You have to keep your word and even get it out of the store at that moment! If the child understands that you respect your word and do not let your guard down then he will be more tempted to do what you say and think twice about his actions before executing them, because he knows that there are consequences.

Read aloud together!

The moments you spend together when you read them or when you read, prepare the child for school and for the moment when you will be told to tell stories. Because when you read them you involve more skills, not only the ability to listen: attention, memory, concentration, the ability to stay quiet, in one place.

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