Tropical fruit soldier

Tropical fruit soldier


For 3 people

1 box of Delaco Something Fine Cream of Cheese with Cream

3 teaspoons of sweet or syrup of berries

tropical fruits (tangerines, kiwi, bananas, pineapple, mango)

Method of preparation

You can prepare a delicious snack for children with Delaco's Something Fine Cheese Cream.

As you prefer, you can use cheese cubes as they are or cut into four. You must cut the fruit into cubes of size similar to those of cheese. Then alternately inflict fruit and cheese cubes of Ceva Fin cheese on toothpicks for appetizers.

At the end, place the soldier on a nice plate and sprinkle everything with sweet fruit or syrup.

You can serve this delicious and nutritious snack either as dessert or even breakfast, along with a handful of almonds or hazelnuts.

Good appetite!

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