Gifts for baby's first Christmas

Gifts for baby's first Christmas

The first Christmas of your baby should be exceptional from all points of view. Now that we have established that babies need a Christmas gift, even if they are too small, you should make sure that it is a truly memorable one. Here are some ideas for your little boy's first Christmas gift!

The memory box

  • various silver boxes for the memories of the first year of the child;

  • inside it is dressed in the velvet blue;

  • various topics - for the first toothpick, for the first hair loop, etc.

Price: 49.00 lei

Figurine ingeras

  • an angel Christmas figurine for your little one, which will last in time becoming the symbol of the fir tree every year;

  • a memory of a car he will fondly remember as he grows older.

Price: 20.50 lei

Swallow photo album

  • an album that will become an emotional memory over the years;

  • a souvenir for babies that they will keep with great care over the years;

  • add in it pictures from the first one of Christmas;

  • the albums are available in 2 colors, for girls and boys, in pink and blue

Price: 99 lei

Custom photo globe

  • a sweet gift and a true memory of the first Christmas;

  • printing is done on both sides with a special photo of the baby;

  • you can also write a special dedication, related to the first one of Christmas etc .;

  • you can choose more variants of the globe, with hearts or snow, but considering it is Christmas, it is preferable to snow.

Price: 45 lei

Music box with angels

  • ecological leather box with bilaminated silver angel;

  • available in 2 colors: blue and pink;

  • an unforgettable musical memory.

Price: 99 lei

Photo frame with silver bevels

  • a special silver frame for babies;

  • it has bee-drawn drawings and flowers;

  • available in 2 colors, pink and blue.

Price: 211.90 lei