Definitive numbers in the task

Definitive numbers in the task

The task sums up a lot of mathematical calculations, and its evolution and big decisions are often based on numbers. Whether it is calendar data, results of tests or analyzes or other things, the figures are the ones that give rise to the task. Find out what the defining numbers mark the task!

38 or 40 weeks of pregnancy

This is the number of weeks you have a pregnancy. He is calculated based on the last menstruation, specifically the first day of menstruation before becoming pregnant. Some pregnancies take longer or less, but this is the calculation that doctors make to calculate the probable date of birth.

If it is calculated from the date of conception, that is, ovulation, then the definitive number of pregnancy is 38 weeks.

10 - 15 kilos accumulated during pregnancy

Between these numbers you have to oscillate the kilograms that you have to accumulate during pregnancy. Overweight pregnancies should not weigh more than 10 kilograms, while underweight have the freedom to accumulate up to 15 kilograms.

7 meetings with the gynecologist

It represents the minimum number of meetings you must have with your doctor during the 9 months of pregnancy. Prenatal tests and compliance with doctor visits are crucial in the smooth evolution of pregnancy. More may be at the request of the doctor, but in no case less!

35 years old - the age you should become a mother

It is an essential date or figure for the pregnancy. It is the age at which a pregnancy presents the most risks in its evolution. Starting with the age of 35, the risk of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is maximum, and the pregnancy is not without the danger of miscarriage.

3 quarters, 3 ultrasounds

This figure has several meanings in the task. First of all, the task is divided into 3 quarters, and each quarter in turn has 3 months. Each stage has its particularities and importance.

Then, during pregnancy it is essential to do 3 compulsory ultrasounds: at 12, 22 or 32 weeks. You can do some extra, but only if the doctor considers it necessary.

72 hours

It is the maximum number of hours that doctors wait for the limb rupture (water rupture) to call for labor induction if it is delayed. Some doctors call for the procedure even earlier, but in most cases they prefer to wait for this deadline.

140 with 90 - maximum blood pressure admitted during pregnancy

This is the maximum blood pressure admitted during pregnancy. It is the threshold over which you are not allowed under any form to pass so as not to endanger either your health or your baby's. High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to many complications.

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