Information hygiene, a successful event

Information hygiene, a successful event

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On Saturday, January 15, the seminar "Information Hygiene" was held, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, during which the importance of selecting beneficial and toxic information and the mechanisms underlying the processing of information were discussed.

The international expert in education of excellence, Professor Doctor Florian Colceag and the president of the Infospeed Association, Alexandru Bordea spoke in front of a large audience of over 200 people and addressed topics such as brain mechanisms for information selection, recommendations for a healthy brain or dissociation of toxic information of the benefit of the individual.

The public had the opportunity to find out about the parental control program and the context in which it is launched, that of the explosion of risks in the online environment. Thus, the mechanisms acquired for the selection of information have been joined by a concrete solution, which offers the necessary tools so that children have exclusive access to beneficial and educational content.

Also, representatives set up a dedicated stand, where they disseminated information and promotional materials to interested parents and teachers.

For information on the seminars organized by Infospeed, visit the website