Anca Turcasiu about 1 package = 1 vaccine

Anca Turcasiu about 1 package = 1 vaccine

1. You joined the third edition of the campaign "1 package = 1 vaccine" dedicated to the fight against neonatal tetanus. What can you tell us about this campaign?

As in previous years, in 2011 parents from Romania have the opportunity to join the UNICEF Pampers campaign. For each package of diapers or wet towels purchased from January to February by Romanian families, Pampers donates to UNICEF the amount needed to purchase a tetanus vaccine. It is a small gesture that can change the lives of millions of people because 1 = 1, a package = a vaccine.

2. What is your role and how do you think it will influence the help you give?

I think we all know that giving is about helping yourself, not just others. By getting involved in the campaign, I also offer myself one more reason to look at tomorrow with confidence and hope. The confidence that we live in a more beautiful world if we are surrounded by people willing to help without any interest. And hope that all the children in the world will receive what I try to offer my child: care, attention, a harmonious growth and the possibility to fulfill their dreams. I can't imagine there is a mother who does not hope for such things.

3. The fact that you were a mother motivated you to become involved in the UNICEF Pampers Campaign?

I want to believe that if we can give a chance to the lives of people from other corners of the world with a simple gesture, we will do it without thinking. Because being able to reach out for a helping hand is in itself a good luck. If I have been so lucky to be with my child at all times of growing up and can help other mothers to do so, with a small gesture, I see no reason not to do so.

4. This year the "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign has a local cause. What do you think about this combination?

As part of this year's campaign, Pampers will donate to maternities from 4 cities in Romania, furniture for newborns and Pampers diapers, giving children the best conditions from the first moments of life.

Moms will be the ones to decide the 4 winning cities. Thus, starting with January 17, the Facebook page "World of mothers" is the place where mothers will have the opportunity to support the global campaign "1 package = 1 vaccine", participating in the UNICEF Pampers Mosaic and, at the same time, supporting motherhood in the city. they want, gathering as many votes for their city.

5. Your boy is already a maricel. How does the mother-child relationship turn at this age?

I think in this period the relationship between us goes to another level. He wants as much independence as possible, and I have not yet grown accustomed to the idea that he will soon become big and take off. So, my mom is trying to transform and become his best friend. In this way we manage to get through this period.

6. What is the period of your life that you consider to be the most worry-free?

Surely childhood. I guess it's valid for everyone. All smells, colors and moments of peace of adult life have their roots in childhood. What worries you when you are a child? Absolutely none. Even if there are problems in your life, the eyes and heart of a child will not let you see them as something to be overcome, to dramatize them. You simply take them as they are, as they come, in turn and forget them. I think from that point of view we would have a lot to learn from our children.

7. But the most complicated one?

I am an optimistic person and therefore I avoid using strongly negative expressions. So "complicated" for me does not exist. I have more busy periods, when I can't find time to do everything I want. That bothers me the most. But if I make a little effort, I manage to detach myself and find my priorities.

8. Is there a certain moment that has remained so well imprinted in your mind that you could draw it?

Yes. But I think it is rather an object that leads me to think of moments of pure happiness. It's about the swing in the grandparents' garden. A swing made by my grandfather especially for me. When I remember him I have the feeling that it is not true, that it is a passage from a story. It was made so simple, a few planks and a string tied to a walnut. I think I spent half a day swaying in it. And here's how we found a new life lesson: the simple things are the ones we enjoy the most.

9. What do you think makes moms more beautiful than other women?

Moms are more beautiful because they are happy. A happy woman is always beautiful. Regardless of what clothes you wear or how much you are wearing, if you do not feel well you will never radiate. You will look good, cared for, but you will not be beautiful.

10. What do you think is the "tool" without which a mother cannot survive?

Can I choose more? There must necessarily be two: love and patience. Love to be able to transmit to the child the balance he needs and patience to cope with the unexpected moments of the mother's life. The children are capricious and that is why it is essential that before deciding to go through this new stage of life, every future mother should make sure she is armed with these two tools.