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Good manners of the child at the restaurant

Good manners of the child at the restaurant

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Do you go out with your family to the restaurant and are you terrified of how your little one might behave? Then it is the case to prepare the little boy for going out to town and to teach him how to behave in such occasions! Attention, an outing to the table in the city implies learning the child and manners in public and at the home table!

The manners from the home table also apply to the restaurant

So your child should already know that at the table:

  • stand upright;

  • put a towel in the lap;

  • it is not spoken.

Also, it is assumed that he knows how to use the fork and spoon or teaspoon (less the knife) and that he is not allowed to play with food or anything while eating.

Prepare him for what to do before you go out the door

Tell her exactly what you are going to do that evening and especially where you are going and what you will eat. Try to choose locations that contain foods that he is already used to, because it will be easier for them.

Choose a location not very demanding

It is not advisable to take the child to a very elegant or pretentious restaurant, because it will not fit the environment. The first outings at the restaurant with the child should be in not very elegant locations, which are used to the presence of small children and which probably have programs for them or staff to entertain them after eating.

Be prepared for when you finish eating

Children can not concentrate too much on the table and therefore need another activity immediately after to avoid getting bored. At preschool age, the maximum time they can sit quietly at the table is about 45 minutes. You will definitely stay longer at the restaurant, so it is good to be prepared with things to keep you busy. Possibly some snacks, colored pencils and paper or a small toy.

Teach him to speak slowly when he is in the restaurant

Besides the fact that during the meal there is no talking (how much to eat), you should teach him to speak in a low-pitched tone when you wait for the meal or after you have finished eating. You may need to remind him more than once. Do it patiently!

If you see that it does not behave properly, although you have tried everything, it is better to leave

It is possible that after all the preparation at home and on the road, the child simply begins to have a hysteria when he enters the restaurant. Try to apply all the methods of calm and soothing, and if they do not work, then give up the meal in the city. It is simply not ready or has the necessary disposition to cope with this exit. You don't have to get mad at him if he does!

Until the age of 4, children can:

  • to concentrate at the table about 45 minutes in a restaurant (if they have other silent games or colored pencils to keep them captured);

  • to eat politely at the restaurant, but most often with the help of parents.

By the age of 8, most children are able to:

  • stay an hour or more quietly in the restaurant;

  • to eat politely;

  • to talk politely with other people at the table;

  • even to try new dishes without having a nervous breakdown.

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