How do we choose the aerosol dispenser for children?

How do we choose the aerosol dispenser for children?

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The aerosol device is a device of real help in treating colds, bronchitis, influenza, but also in improving the symptoms of asthma in children. These devices can be found on the market in several models - nebulizers, pressurized inhalers with measured doses or dry powder - and they have a lot of functions, but the most important thing is to choose the one that best fits the needs of the child. your!

When the child suffers from respiratory, ENT or pulmonary infections and cannot administer natural aerosols - such as those at the seaside, in summer - you can use the device with artificial aerosols. It converts solid drugs into gaseous media or liquid suspensions, which are inhaled more easily in the body and have a faster action in curing diseases. Choosing a good device increases the effectiveness of inhalation medicines, speeds up healing and reduces the recovery period of the child!

Types of aerosol devices

The offer on the market presents three models of aerosol devices:


The nebulizer converts the liquid drug into a suspension made of very fine particles, inhaled by the child with the help of a mask. It represents the most appreciated model of parents, but also the best sold on the market, because:

  • allows the use of large doses of drugs;
  • the baby can breathe normally during inhalation;
  • allows the parallel administration of drugs with oxygen;
  • It can also be used during the night when the baby is sleeping.

Dry powder inhalers (DPI)

Dry powder inhalers generate solid particles and are more suitable for older children. They are used a little harder and require a deeper inhalation, to inspire the drug particles and obtain the therapeutic effect.

Measured dose pressurized inhalers (MDI)

This category of inhalers generates, like nebulizers, particles or liquid suspensions. Pulmonary deposition is done by slow inspirations, made with the help of the accessories with which the device comes in pack.

Aerosol apparatus with piston (compressor) or ultrasound?

Compressor and ultrasound are two other features that you will hit when you go to buy the device and refer strictly to how it works. The ultrasound device is modern, silent and uses a piezoelectric crystal that produces an oscillation that converts the drug into aerosols.

The piston device is a bit more bulky, but not too annoying and uses a compressor to deliver air into the medicine tank. Either of the two models is effective in providing the drug suspension during inhalation, the choice of one being left to the parents. Generally, they prefer ultrasound devices, because they are smaller, lighter and do not emit sounds that could disturb the child during their use.

Other criteria for selecting the device

Apart from the operating mode, it is important to make sure that the device you are about to buy is equipped with all the necessary accessories during use. These refer to:

  • adult mask;
  • baby mask;
  • mouthpiece;
  • nose piece.

Beyond functions and accessories, the aerosol appliance should be easy to handle and clean, so you don't waste precious time using it. Although not the most important on the list of criteria, the price and the brand of the products, most of the times, play a decisive role in the preferences of the parents. Most of them choose the established brands, even if they are more expensive, because they have more confidence and security than the cheap ones.

However, specialists argue that all devices work the same and that the price is often given by the accessories and functions they are equipped with. It is best to seek advice from your pediatrician or other parents who have used such products before deciding on a model.

Which aerosol dispensers do moms prefer?

Moms in the Community are the most useful source of inspiration for discovering the best model of aerosol machine on the market. The site forum was invaded by product suggestions and opinions of parents who used aerosols to treat respiratory infections in children, and we selected the most trusted and "praised" brands:

Beurer aerosol apparatus

"We have a Beurer brand. We think it is very good. I do not know the difference between the classic and the ultrasonic ones, but that has done its duty very well 2 times. The pharmacist told us that the price differs depending on the company, but because they are all the same. Health (Mada_Lyna)

Omron appliance

"The Omron piston model is a very resistant and common model for sale in many pharmacies. Its only" hiba "is that it makes noise when used. But for a 10-year-old, it will definitely not be a problem." (Ana_Micu83)

"We also took Omron and I'm very pleased with it. It is with a compressor, it has 2 masks, for children and adults." (Musette)

Laica aerosol apparatus

"We also bought the Laica ultrasonic device, 280 rum, completely silent and I used it a few days (the first two days in the morning and in the evening, then another three days only in the evening before bedtime). After aerosols, I extracted the nasal secretions with a handkerchief The problems with breathing during the night have disappeared. We also used the adults when we were cool. Indeed, the difference is felt. "

Healthy Line appliance

"We have a Healthy Line ultrasound nebulizer for a year and it is very good. We bought it from the pharmacy at the pharmacist's recommendation, following a bronchiolitis that Alessia had. It contains a mask for children and adults. It is silent. , is worth the money. " (Flour 33)

What aerosol appliance did you buy for your baby? What are the main criteria based on which you selected and why? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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