Dracula and Andreea Marin, at Eurovision Junior

Dracula and Andreea Marin, at Eurovision Junior

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Eurovision 2012 - Final

The event, organized for the first time in Romania, will have 25 million viewers worldwide. About 25 million viewers from all over the world will watch this year the fourth edition of the Eurovision Junior contest, organized for the first time in Romania, on December 2, at the Multipurpose Hall, the Romanian Television announced.

In addition to the 15 European countries that have representatives in the competition, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra and Australia want to take the Junior Eurovision Song Contest live.

In this sense, besides Andreea Marin Banica, who will be the host of the show, Ioana Iovan (a 12 year old girl) and Dracula, "a vampire who for two generations only drinks water and finds children very delicious ".

The scenario of the show will be based on Ioana's dream, featuring circus artists, calusari, but also a group of 15 gymnasts.

Even the Romanian competitor from Eurovision 2006, Mihai Traistariu, will climb onto the stage of the Multipurpose Hall, but only for ten seconds. He wanted to be present in Bucharest, for this purpose canceling a concert that was to take place the same day, in Spain.

This year, Romania will be represented by the band New Star Music, composed of two boys and two girls. In the contest, they will be dressed up in fairy tales, movies or cartoons. Teodora Roxana Sima is Peter Pan, Diana Ioana Prepelita will be the Spiderman, Liviu Mircea Teodorescu plays Harry Potter, and the leader of the group, Cristian Sanda-Gorun, is Fat-Beautiful.

With ages ranging from 12 to 14 years old, the four have musical studies, participated in numerous radio and television programs and take singing lessons. Romania will be the fourth country in the competition, with the song "My story".

(Florin Ghioca)
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November 30, 2006