Probiotics help you lower your tummy after birth?

Probiotics help you lower your tummy after birth?

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Probiotics make their contribution not only in promoting the health of the digestive system, but also in the effort of new mothers to lose weight. After birth, the most unsightly and unpleasant part of the body remains the belly. It seems that probiotics reduce and remove the abdominal layers exactly from the abdominal level. The researchers claim that several pregnant women have undergone an experiment.

They were divided into 3 categories corresponding to the 3 quarters of a pregnancy. The first group received only the usual nutritional advice and guidance from the specialists to gain normal weight throughout the pregnancy and to ensure optimal development of the fetus in the intrauterine cavity. They were given food recommendations that they should follow and what they should do, but they were left with the final food choices to make.

The second group received daily capsules of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria - 2 of the best known probiotics that help maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the intestines. The third group received placebo capsules, as well as nutritional counseling from doctors. All pregnant women were weighed at the beginning of the study and then their weight was measured only 12 months after birth. They also measured the circumference of each mother's waist.

Central obesity - which occurs when body mass index is 30 or higher and waist circumference greater than 80 cm - was found in 25% of women who were given probiotics in parallel with nutritional advice. Even those who were only instructed what to consume did not do better in the chapter "silhouette recovery after birth". Central obesity was found in 43% of women who received only dietary counseling. The average body fat percentage was only 28% in mothers who received probiotics, compared with 29% in those in the group who received counseling and 30% in those who received both.

Moms who took only probiotics did their best and weakened the most. They also had the lowest weight and the lowest percentage of abdominal fat.

How does probiotics work on weight loss?

Probiotics have begun to be used for weight reduction after specialists have found that overweight people have an imbalance in the content of living microorganisms in the intestines. They compared the contents and composition of the intestines of some people with normal weight to those of overweight people. A deficiency of "healthy" bacteria in the digestive tract has been discovered. Doctors aren't quite sure that probiotics can help with weight loss, but they say a healthy digestive system contributes to better digestion and metabolization of food and thus maintaining a normal weight. It does not mean that you should take probiotics in excess or without boredom, but the specialists argue that it is advisable to introduce into your diet foods that contain them such as fasting, healthy or kefir. There are also other foods that contain beneficial crops, but in smaller quantities: banana, onion, garlic.

What are probiotics?

Each person has what is called the intestinal microflora composed of several "healthy" bacteria. These have several roles in the body: they prevent the development of unhealthy bacteria; synthesizes the vitamins the body receives; strengthen the immune system; stimulates the production of immunoglobulins. Probiotics are living microorganisms or "healthy" bacteria that can be found in some foods or that can be taken as capsules if needed. These help balance the intestinal microflora.

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