5 educational films for dads

5 educational films for dads

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The films present cases, situations, feelings and problems that are taken over or can be applied in the reality that surrounds us.

There are several films that focus on the "job" of a daddy or highlight certain features that should generally be for the daddy. Nor are the adventures with their children far from your situation. Learn from famous dads how to deal with parenting challenges!

Father of the bride (Father of the bride)

Dads who have not seen the movie "Father of the bride", do not know what I'm missing! Especially if they have daughters! In this film, Steve Martin played the role of a father of the girl, desperate for the idea that his little and beautiful girl is getting married and for the expenses that await him for the wedding of the most important person in his life. The feeling of separation or anxiety that separates or "loses" the daughter who has always been with him makes his father look for a knot in the rush of the future son-in-law and prevent marriage.

The refusal to accept that his daughter has grown up and that he is no longer a child, but a woman of all nature, can cost him his daughter's happiness. In the Father of the Bride - part 2 - the father has to deal with both a wife and a pregnant daughter and is put in the situation to survive the most unforeseen situations. There are a lot to learn from the 2 films, if you are a little girl.

A night at the museum

A Night at the Museum is a film that highlights the efforts a father makes to keep his son close and to make him proud of him. The father, played by Ben Stiller, portrays the image of the unlucky man, to whom nothing comes out and fails in life. Not even a job can keep long term.

He receives the offer to work as a guardian at the National History Museum, but discovers that all the objects in the museum come alive at night. It is an extraordinary experience that he shares with his son and shows courage and determination. It's a great movie that you can watch even with your little one.

Mrs. Doubtfire, our grieving father (Mrs. Doubtfire)

Mrs. Doubtfire is the story of a divorced father who loses custody of children. In the desperation to find a way to spend some time with his beloved children, he disguises himself in the goodness that their mother needs. The film highlights the effort and the idea of ​​doing everything for your child and that nothing is too little, complicated, shameful or out of the ordinary when it comes to the love of dad. Robin Williams is the one who plays the role of the good-natured father and goes through a lot of adventures just to get close to his little ones.

What a girl wants (What a girl wants)

The film is the story of a teenage girl raised only by her mother who, although she has everything she wants, feels incomplete. He can't really feel happy unless he finds his father. The motive of this film seems to unfold around the dream a girl has once she reaches the age of maritis: the father's dancing with the bride.

A dream she does not see transposed into reality unless she goes in search of her father. What he does and goes through amazing adventures when he discovers that he is of noble, aristocratic life. The film is quite adolescent, but it reveals feelings and emotions specific to a father-daughter relationship that can help dads understand their children better.

Three men and a baby (Three men and a baby)

Did you think you were in a bad position as a tactician? Find out that there are other equally unattractive and uninitiated dads in parenting. It is one of the most "educational" films for the tactics that have the impression that they are the most awkward, ignorant and unfit parents. Here's a funny funny movie that features 3 men who are forced to overcome the adolescent condition and gradually transform, with many blows and efforts to the most responsible, loving and experienced dads when they see a baby in their arms.

And you can become a loving parent and understand your baby or child, you just want to let your paternal instincts come to fruition. With a little help from our famous dads from the 5 movies, you will become the most loving parent!

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