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7 educational books for preschoolers

7 educational books for preschoolers

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Books are some of the most effective and recommended ways to educate your child. They are the ones who speak the best language and make learning and education fun and interesting. Here are some recommendations of books that should not be missing from the library of a child between 3 and 6 years old!

1. My first book about colors

Why bother to explain to them what the colors are and draw them when you can have as a guide a booklet that speaks to its meaning about their universe.

The book is designed so that the little one learns the classic colors with the help of a fun game. It is full of original illustrations with a special design.

They put the children's minds to the contribution by causing them to identify certain colors while studying them.

Price: 19 Ron

2. We play and learn to speak correctly

If you told your little one that it's time for a speech or language lesson, he certainly wouldn't be too excited. But if you use the magic word - game - it might make big eyes and start to fly with joy. Find out that now you can easily combine the game with learning, even when it comes to the right word.

Price: 6.4 Ron

3. Health education

With this booklet your little one learns essential rules for health through Roro's character. This is his guide to the safest and most useful tips for hygiene and beyond. And all the information is gathered and elaborated in the form of a little game. We just don't want the boredom to get bored for a second, right?

Price: 3.9 Ron

4. I learn to write, count and count

Your child should no longer be scared of the multitude of numbers or letters untouched. Now he has their best friend - the teddy bear. It will help the child learn the graphic signs, print letters and figures. The booklet is full of examples, games and exercises that test his learning ability.

Price: 7.9 Ron

5. My first encyclopedia. Marine animals

This encyclopedia rich in images and colors introduces the prince into the marine universe. It has the role of teaching the little ones all the mysteries hidden at the bottom of the seas and oceans. They will discover dolphins, whales or sharks, jellyfish and sea cats. They will find valuable information about them and their way of life. Teach your child to recognize marine animals!

Price: 9.85 Ron

6. We color, we have fun and the answer is ... At the farm

The cards in this collection are designed to stimulate the child's creativity. "On the farm" is a book created in an educational way, but at the same time fun. It does not just provide simple information about the animals on the farm and everything else it encompasses. The information is hidden under illustrations and pictures, which children must color. But only after I guess beforehand.

Price: 5 Ron

7. Good security passes bad danger - My friend Codrut

Young children are always subject to various risks. At home, outside, at kindergarten or at school, dangers are everywhere. This card is designed to prevent the risk situations that children may be exposed to. She uses a character called Codrut who helps the child understand the dangers better and teaches them how to protect themselves.

Price: 30 Ron

Here are some educational books for children that moms recommend on the forum:

Raluca 28: "For the little ones, category 1-3 years, I recommend the beautifully illustrated books, with simple stories or simply with information - but if they are" smart "books, they should do something: have windows to open, drawing chips, sounds, something interactive - it's even better - at least my little boy prefers them (less the puzzle ones - they probably outgrow it).

We really like the book 'Seasons' from the Litera Publishing House.

Another book that I find useful, 'Activities for young children' - a book that causes parents to play in different ways with the child, to spend time with him - is a favorite at our house (n. r. also from Litera Publishing House).

But any book is actually ok, especially if the parents read often with the child, if they do it with intonation, if they do it with pleasure ... to teach the child the pleasure of reading. "

Another mom says she bought the books "Pets" and "Wildlife" from Unicart Publishing.

Audio books seem to be of interest to little ones too, and one mom recommends "The adventures of the bus" from Theoretical Publishing House.

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