Lemurians from Madagascar are VIP animals at Digital Zoo

Lemurians from Madagascar are VIP animals at Digital Zoo

UPC Romania, Animal Planet and Zoological Garden Bucharest bring to the fore Digital Zoo, the unique educational concept in Romania that offers live images 24/7, directly from the VIP animal sites at the Zoo.

The Digital Zoo project now introduces new exotic stars - 5 Lemurians, originally from far-off Madagascar, recently relocated to the Baneasa Zoo. The 5 thus join the other VIP animals in the Digital Zoo - tamarins Julio and Isabela, lions Marc and Ella, tiger Luna and pelican Gogu.

Lemurians will demonstrate daily the talents of live dancers, acrobats and jugglers in front of the rooms. The group of the newest members of the Digital Zoo family is predominantly female, which is common on the African island of origin, Madagascar. Ajambul is the only male and tries to overcome his shyness when he is surrounded by his numerous "apartment colleagues". The 4 Lemur females - Makina, Shanika, Zumbalina and Ebela - are extremely graceful and playful, trying to make Ajambul feel better.

"Digital Zoo is a darling new project, the ones at UPC: a true educational resource and a permanently available tool, through which animal lovers can follow the zoo's unfriendly friends live and learn more about the animals' lives and habits. the project has generated a real interest and has gathered around it a community that grows every day we are happy and motivates us to develop it further ", says Ariana Badin, Communication Director of UPC Romania.

Starting today, the 5 Lemurians from Madagascar will show you "African dances" live on the website - Lemurians.

In addition, Digital Zoo has prepared for fans on Facebook Digital Zoo a week dedicated to Lemurians - fans will be able to find out details about this species, which can only be found in Madagascar in the wild.

You can see more photos and movies with the new Digital Zoo VIPs on - galerie_lemurieni.

Digital Zoo is a continuation of the educational platform launched by UPC in Romania, a platform that includes alternative education workshops through dramatic art "Grows through theater", as well as Internet Safety and Magic Desktop projects, which have the role of educating children about Internet security.

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