How many diapers should the baby get dirty everyday?

How many diapers should the baby get dirty everyday?

The number of diapers soiled by the baby in a day is an essential indicator for the degree of hydration of the baby. Also, depending on these you can tell if your baby has eaten enough or not one day. Parents are often curious about how many diapers the child must wet daily. They depend on his age!

The number of wet diapers depends very much on the age of the child and the way he is fed. There are several parameters set by specialists depending on which you can tell if your baby is getting enough or not enough diapers per day. It is important to consider and note the number of wet diapers. At regular consultations, your pediatrician will ask you this detail.


The first diaper used must appear from the day it is born. The number of diapers should increase significantly by the end of the first week of life. It reaches up to 5-6 diapers a day. The number of seats is high in the first weeks. Some newborns may have multiple times a day.

1-3 months

The baby between 1 and 3 months should continue to wet about 5-6 diapers a day (or more). But the chairs begin to shrink depending on how it is fed.

If you breastfeed the baby there is the possibility of having a chair after each meal, but there is the chance and a few days pass without doing anything.
If you feed it with a bottle there is an increased risk of constipation. In this case the little one does not do more than 2-3 days, go to the doctor.

4-6 months

Things do not change much at this age compared to previous months. However, it is an important time for many parents to start diversifying their diet around this age.

If you do not wait until 6 months to give your baby solid foods, expect changes in the number of diapers used per day. They first appear in the child's chair, which begins to change its consistency and smell.

Many parents start diversification with rice, which has constipation effect. It is better to start with other cereals, such as oatmeal - it helps digestion. Even so make sure the baby has a chair for no more than 3 days.

If he gets used to sleeping all night you can leave him without changing his diaper. But if you wake up overnight you need to change it to avoid the discomfort and irritation from the diaper that could disturb your sleep.

7-9 months

Expect that from 7 months onwards the baby will also wet 5-6 diapers every day. Also, make sure he has a chair every 3 days or even earlier.

At this age, all babies who begin diversification and digestion undergo changes. If your little one is constipated give him more water to drink. It also calls for fruits that aid digestion. They are the ones that start with the letter "p": plums, pears, peaches, etc.

1-2 years
Children do not go to pot until after the age of 1 year or 2 years, sometimes they do it only at 4 anisors (especially boys). Until then, diapers will be the main way to avoid getting pisses or poop on it. But after the age of 1 year, the children still wet only 4-5 diapers and have a chair once every 2-3 days.

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