With family on film

With family on film

My dears,

I am writing to you because we all know how hard it is to be a mom and go to a place where you can feel good and why not, relax.

Nothing compares to the joy of being a mother and even if you invest time and love and you have no time for anything, the satisfaction you have when you see your baby growing up is indescribable.

Where do we spend our free time?

There are times when you want to go out with your children and here are few options: you choose a playground, most in malls, but either they are too crowded, or the toys are too few, not to mention prices that often far exceed our pockets.

Another option would be to go out in the park, but soon the cold season will come and no matter how good I have them, they still have the chance (unfortunately) to cool off.

At the movie, in the family

I'm not crazy, but it's normal for our chicks to have some of the best, even if the options we have available make it desirable. It would be another option that I am very pleased with and that is why I thought to share it with you: going to the cinema. It is the place where you and your children can spend a few hours, watch an animation to the taste of everyone, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the room and why not, snack something or drink a juice.

Unfortunately, this variant, although it seems the most complete has a minus: the price. It is quite expensive to go with the family to a movie, especially since the cinemas do not have packages that will benefit the families.

The cinematographers, but not all, because we found a very good offer (single, but very good) at a cinema in Bucharest. This is The Light Cinema where they launched the Cinema Family package. Last time I was with Andrei and Ioana at the ice rink in Liberty Center, I saw the Cinema Family poster.

What it is?

With 65 lei, 2 adults and 2 minors, go to any movie, any hour, any day. The cinema is nice, it's intimate, the staff is very attentive, and the time spent with the family in the movie theater is really relaxing.

We were at Smurfs 3D and we really liked it. Deserved! It is to be appreciated that someone has thought of us and made the family cinema accessible. I wholeheartedly recommend Cinema Family from The Light Cinema.

You can go to their website ( to see what movies they have.

Many kisses,