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7 frequent mistakes in the weight loss diet

7 frequent mistakes in the weight loss diet

The most common mistakes in weight loss diets are exactly those things that you think or hear that make you lose weight in a very short time. Give up breakfast or starve yourself because you eat less calories. You call for fast-food diets, which return to the figure with a double number of kilograms with their completion. And so on…

Here are 7 common mistakes that add up, instead of shedding extra pounds!

It is normal for a title that sounds like this - "lose 5 kilos in 3 days" to be attractive and tempting. But you don't have to fall into their trap. No diet that promises this is healthy and will not yield long-term results. Then the yo-yo effect is installed: the kilograms are doubled back into the figure.

The researchers found that those who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight or maintain their figure if they take regular breakfast. The idea that if you do not eat in the morning or skip meals the daily calorie intake is lower and you are more likely to lose weight is wrong! The first meal of the day helps you have energy and makes you eat less during the rest of the day!

The diet without sports does not work, as neither sport without a balanced diet will give the expected results. It's a fool's idea that you will lose weight only if you cut a few calories in the daily menu and replace the unhealthy food with a few fruits and vegetables. The combination of the two is the secret of a beautiful and healthy, long-term weakness.

When you choose to cut out too many culinary pleasures from the menu, you will become frustrated. You will associate the diet with a punishment and a torment and you will not even be able to withstand a long period without the food you crave. Therefore, grant yourself the right to taste such foods from time to time, in very small quantities.

If they are healthy, it does not mean they do not have calories and do not fat. Many healthy foods contain many ingredients that lead to fattening. Therefore, you must be very careful about what you eat and read the labels on the caloric content.

Pay attention to the portions. They don't have to be huge. Nutritionists recommend 5 meals a day in small portions.

Water is a great help in weight loss diets. Intense hydration contributes to good digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. Also, specialists claim that it also has the role of providing a feeling of satiety. So, try to consume at least 2 liters of water every day. And avoid drinks that contain caffeine, sugar or other food additives.

Weight loss is the most important motivational drive to continue a diet. So it is necessary to weigh yourself from time to time. But in no case every day! Many moms don't even get on a diet because the next day they weigh in to see how much they have lost weight. Weighing at short intervals is discouraging for weight loss.

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