- Hello. I am 26 years old and so far I have not even been to a gynecological consultation. At the age of 18 I was forced to have an abortion. Since then I have never crossed the threshold of a gynecologist. The problem is that whenever I am cold, I soon start to hurt the ovaries and urinate more often. From the negligence I did not go to the doctor even after this problem appeared. Another problem arose 3 months ago when I found that during sexual intercourse, in certain positions, I have ovarian pain and even after sexual contact. And another more recent problem appeared 1 month ago when I often wake up at night with ovarian pain, that I can barely walk, but that after a few hours I start to disappear. I have not consulted any doctor yet. I would like to give my advice, mentioning that my cycle is regular, every 25 days.


After your description, I tend to believe that the symptoms are caused by a recurrent urinary tract infection accompanied by an inflammatory response of the appendages of the genital organs (annexitis). Attachment is an infectious inflammatory condition of the attachments of the female genital organs (horn, ovary); the inflammatory response extends easily into the urinary tract, and vice versa (recurrent urinary tract infections may cause an inflammatory response from the internal genital organs). Frequent urinary tract infections occur especially at the beginning of the sexual life, until the body adapts to the new aggression that comes from the outside (with the introduction of the penis into the vagina, and the elimination of the sperm, a series of germs that can cause genital infections can be carried in this way. - urination; especially if we consider the location of the urethral orifice and the fact that the female urethra is small in size).

Over time, the body gains immunity against these aggressions by forming antibodies (antibodies generally form after first contact with the infectious agent). But in your case, the underlying infection can be given by antibiotic resistance (resistance can also be the result of repeated treatments, without checking the sensitivity of the germs to the respective drugs; or by a poor management of an infection in the genital area (not present at the gynecologist). or urologist with the onset of clinical symptomatology and implicitly a non-treatment with the partner) This inflammatory pelvic response determines that one of the clinical manifestations is pain (pelvic algal syndrome, dyspareunia - pain during sexual contact).
What you need to do is to present yourself to a gynecological office where, following a clinical consultation and further investigations, among which a urine culture with antibiogram would be useful, you can establish a correct diagnosis and an appropriate therapeutic behavior. Do not forget to request medication for the partner (even if he does not have any symptoms, he is obliged to follow the treatment, otherwise the re-infection will recur), and during the treatment and another 7 days after his termination, sexual contacts are forbidden. to avoid recurrences.
I hope the information provided confirms the importance of your presence in a specialized office. A regular gynecological consultation does not have to be embarrassing considering that this is a natural thing for a person with an active sexual life and not only. Good health!
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu