Are the emotional states of the mother transmitted to the child?

Are the emotional states of the mother transmitted to the child?


- I would like to ask you if a child can be affected (to be born with problems in the nervous system or to be more agitated during his life) of my mental state. I mention that during the pregnancy I had problems in the family, I got very angry and I cried and I was stressed. I heard some rumors that the child would be affected by the mother's mental state, that she would have mental problems, maybe even be born with schizophrenia or be very psychologically sensitive. I am 35 weeks pregnant, during the pregnancy I was stressed and because I had problems with pregnancy suffering from imminent abortion.


Psycho-emotional states are the clinical (external) expression of a myriad of activities, nervous and humoral interactions that self-regulate and interlock. An important component in these activities is the hormonal system, the neuro-endocrine side, so for the most part, emotional experiences are under the control of hormonal balance or imbalance. These hormonal concentrations that trigger, maintain and stop psycho-emotional experiences, are found to some extent in fetal blood (some of these substances cross the fetal-placental barrier), which results in a relatively similar fetal life, which may be and he was more agitated, more irritable, more sensitive to the influence of external stimuli.

What you need to do is to realize at least now that the help you can offer is to keep your calm and optimism (think that if you face a stressful situation, it is a lot to him more difficult to overcome these moments, for which he has no fault). try to think of him first and for his own good and think first of all what you can do for this good and not about problems that are not solved in any case by crying.

That is why it is very important to keep calm, and think only about beautiful things, at least from now on. The newborn keeps this connection with his mother and after he is born, so you have to be careful not to be upset about him, to teach him to smile and not be moroccan. Good health!